What I learned for my business living abroad

This weekend my family and I went for a short holiday in Italy, the country I chose as my home when I was 24 years old. Taking risk and cultivating an open mind was always something that really attracted me. This is why I decide on taking a leap of faith and move to this country with my future Italian husband and our then 5 years old daughter.

I grow up in a small village in Switzerland. A place where everyone known each other and know everything about each other. A little village where a lot of the people there were afraid to reveal the true selves and put down the masks they were wearing. Usually all the problems get wiped under the carpet and the people live with a constant fear of what others think or could think about what you do.

Growing up in a country where it seems that there is no lack, everything is clean and there is a good overall level of education. Little could I know the limits, expectations and boundaries I started to recognize when I lived abroad for 5 years.
Seeing things from the outside gives you so much more clarity. You get the opportunity to find new ways of thinking and part with old beliefs you had since you were a little child. Unravel this mindsets is often painful so you need to push through your fear, surrender and try to have a fresh look at what you thought is true. All at the same time!

What does this have to do with building a business?
I will tell you.
Growing your own business, you need to be pushy with yourself, in order to be innovative and find new ways. There is also the time to surrender and trust in your knowledge, ability and worth.
Working together with someone that just gets you can allow you to show and mirror what you already know deep down at your roots but aren’t yet ready to express and implement into your business and website.

Having help is liberating. Someone by your side that just gives you permission to be who you are. The real you that you are when you stripe down your fears and show your true self. Your knowledge is worthwhile and I know that you have a unique gift to share.

Building a website for your dream and for the very skill and message you have to share is one big step in the way to making your dream no longer a dream but a reality.

I believe in building websites in a soulful and holistic way, which means that every website has a unique energy and you infuse the energy of you into your website and brand.

Choosing the right fonts, colors and a style which communicate in a subtle and balanced way what you and your business stand for makes a big difference from just putting together something that is trendy right now. Following your intuition in the process of building a website is the very thing that will make your brand last for years to come. If the essence and message of your business are aligned with the visual aspect, it will just feel right for you and your clients.

Standing out in a vast sea of concurrence can be scary. Maybe you ask yourself how you possibly ever could distinguish yourself and here is the answer from my experience: Being authentic and you makes you interesting and you will get noticed from your ideal clients.
This requires to show up, to take a stand for yourself, to offend people around you with how you act and to put down the mask and see under the carpet where the problems are hidden.

Building a solid group with people that are thinking like you and surrounding yourself with the ones that are cheering you up and give you honest feedback is what helps you to rise and go on this path that isn’t always easy.
In Italy, the family pack is very strongly tied together and everyone stands behind each other. Meanwhile you get brutally honest feedback that if you are not used to, feels strange and I felt repelled at first, but learned fast to love it.

In the process of growing it is so important to be supported. I believe that it is the best you can do to create yourself a network, to surround yourself with people that believe in you and finally to get help where you get stuck.
It is so freeing to really be, say, do and act the way we are without being afraid how others could think about us.
When you are sincere and show your true self, the ones that are attracted to you are just the ones that are right for you.

There is this feeling, that you can’t create with psychologic tricks, good marketing or anything else, if someone is just the right fit for you they can read it between the lines. They’ll feel that working together is the next logical step to take to support their dream and make it a reality.

I believe that it is an act of self-love and respect to really find your voice and style.

Showing up as who you really are in life helps you to truly become free and feel comfortable with the life you live. It helps you to live a life where you do what you love, where we are an example for others to follow and do the same. It is possible to earn money by doing what you love. It is in your hands to change this belief and really allow yourself to receive money. Open the flow for tasks and projects that really align with your biggest strengths and what you love doing.
The goal of our life, isn’t like we often think, in the future and even not in having more. The most important thing is, that we feel the way we want to in every little moment along the way.
It is a process to figure out how we truly want to feel, it is a practice and it requires to check in with yourself and recall in the moment if you are on the right way and if how you feel in this very second is fulfilling and energizing you or if it drains you and makes you heavy.

I needed to first cultivate my braveness and living abroad, learning a new language and getting to know a new culture really was something that helped me stretch out of my comfort zone.
What holds you back?
How can you find ways to practice what you and make your dream a reality?
What is the first little step in your desired direction?

The internet gives you a big opportunity to build your own business. With some dedication, soul seeking, and the right help you can start your own business at a slow pace and with low investment in the beginning.
I’d love to be your guide on this approach and help you build a virtual platform that supports your beliefs, strengths, and virtues.

2 thoughts on “What I learned for my business living abroad

  1. Anja

    I like reading your posts and the things you share because they are so profoundly true to me, open and honest. Awesome!
    I totally relate to what you say about living abroad, as I am in Australia right now. It helps me see myself and my business so much clearer and gives me the power to connect more deeper, even though it does challenge me. Thanks for sharing, Eos! Have a beautiful day!

    1. Eos

      Thank you Anja!
      Growth is a challenge, but such a beautiful one!
      So happy my words resonate with you and I wish you a beautiful time in Australia!
      Wish you a beautiful weekend!

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