10 tipps to boost your confidence and love yourself

Self love is the foundation for an happy and fulfilled life, it is really at the roots of every successful business or project. If you don’t own who you are, it is very difficult for others to see your value and strengths. If you don’t fill your own needs first, it is challenging to fill the needs of others.

When you feel loved and enough as who you are, you are in a state of wholeness and acceptance and from this place you can share your biggest gifts and your passion.

Loving and accepting our selfes is a practice. It is something we have to come back and it is a relationship we have to care for. It feels so good to just stop in your track when you feel that you are out of your own center and ask to yourself: what do I need right now to feel loved and enough? I collected ten short tips about how you can show to your own self that you are loved.

1. Check in with yourself

Come into the moment, just perceive how you feel at the moment. What sensations shows your body? Where do they come from? What could they mean to you? I had last week a pain in my neck and when I checked in with awareness, it became really clear to me, that there is something on my back to carry that is causing me pain. The neck is also near the throat chakra which made me connect with my voice and what I have to share. Coming back and sharing what I know melted away all my pain in a short time.

2. Trigger the feeling you crave

You are stuck in a certain feeling and your mind is circling around this problem or pain point. Move into the direction you want to go, focus on what you want and not on what you have right now. How do you want to feel when you overcome this obstacle? Where in your body would you feel it? Recall this body sensation and hold yourself in this state of mind, don’t focus on what you have right now, but be ready for the beauty you desire.

3. Give it to your own self

You are grumpy because you’d love to be heard or understood from a loved person. You are angry that this person just doesn’t see how important it is for you to be seen and understood. This person has her own challenges and often they are even very similar to the ones you have. Try to figure out what you would expect as a response and really truly see and understand your own self. You don’t need the approve of someone to be seen or heard, you can just see and hear you and it is enough. You are enough.

4. Change your point of view

Sometimes we are just stuck in our own little space. We blame others without looking at what’s our part in the specific situation. There are so much stories going on, stories you heard from someone else and you are telling yourself now. Call them mindsets, which means these are certain paths in your mind where a lot of traffic already made the passage bigger and easier to follow. Sometime you just have to discover the paths that you have yet not followed along. Try to put yourself in the situation of your counterpart and oftentimes an argument has a whole new aspect to it. It can change around everything, helps to find a way to understand someone else and your own self better.

5. Clear your mind from expectations

Don’t expect a certain situation to be like you want, because most of the time, it will have a different shape than you imagine right now. Visualize the outcome, clearify where are your boundaries and what you accept, stay true to what you believe, but don’t hold on to tight into how a certain thing should happen. If you hold on to a certain situation with tightness, it is most likely that at the end you will be disappointed about your own self. Your expectations most likely will not meet 100% and you will not see anymore the good parts on the situation.

6. Move it out

Shake your body, take a walk, dance like crazy in your living room or just sit down and breath it out. Movement is a natural refresher, helps to root yourself and come back to your center. Just feel which type of movement you feels right for you, hold on your thoughts and just be in the moment. Maybe you like to go into the nature and connect with the beauty of a flower, you like to have a dance party or you come just into the present and breath out all the negativity and what is holding you down and in fresh, clean and light energy that fills you up.

7. Make it a physical reminder

Sometimes we have to call to our mind the mission we are on. Buy yourself flowers, a new perfume or just something special you value and when you surround yourself with them you are reminded that you are worth and loved. Write a little note on your mirror that says you are loved. Take a photograph with your cellphone to see how beautiful you are. Smile at your own self.

8. Acknowledge what you have

Be grateful for what you have, don’t strive to have more and more, it will never fulfill you. Often we try to fill up a imaginative hole without ground that we will never be able to fill. Look in your life, for what are you grateful today? Start to collect this little moments in a journal. I love to write down every evening three little things I loved from the day. Sometimes they are huge and other times the are tiny. It helps you to see how beautiful your life already is right now, how loved you are and also to create little situations during the day that you can write down in the evening.

9. Be honest to yourself

Honesty is the path to freedom. I really believe this and it starts to just allow to be honest to your own self. Don’t try to change things around, accept your weak points and make peace with them. We all are as we are and nobody is really perfect. It would be so boring and every weak point can be turned around and become our strength.

10. Surrender and trust

It is challenging to let go of the how and just trust and surrender, but it is the fast way to get where you want. The shortcut is to already feel the way we would feel when we would have what we want. Generate this emotions with activities that help you to feel this way. The law of attraction works magnetically on feelings and feeling the way we want helps us to attract more of desired events into our life. Breaking the circle of waiting our self down with negative thoughts is the first step in changing our mind and trusting our path we are on. After all, self love and confidence has a lot to do with practice and building habits or rituals it is a good way to incorporate little things in our daily life to bring us closer to who we want to be and how we want to see ourselfes. Increasing our own worth will increase our overall worth and help us to see our strengths, what we are good in and what direction our life should take. Nobody has it all figured out and consistent action in little easy steps helps us to reach incredible goals and make dreams come true.    

8 thoughts on “10 tipps to boost your confidence and love yourself

  1. Andrea Giesler

    Eos, I love it: “from this place you can share your biggest gifts and your passion”. So true. But sometimes it`s so hard to reach this state of wholeness and acceptance. Thanks for your advice on this!
    Love, Andrea

    1. Eos

      Hi Andrea,
      Thank you for your words.
      Reaching closer to this state where we feel whole and accept everything of us, needs a lot of passion, self acceptance and it is a lifelong journey for sure.
      Love and Light

  2. Eva

    No 6: Movit it out – that’s the hardest thing for me. When I don’t feel great I don’t want to move.
    Once I do get myself going I feel much better afterwards though.
    Great article!!

    1. Eos

      Oh yes, good point, me too don’t like to move when I am at a low point. Since I have three dogs I get to move every day, if I want or not and this really helped me see how much of a difference it can make to recreate a certain flow in our body.
      Thank you, Eva

  3. Sandra Heim

    You are so right, Eos, self love is training, rituals and little daily acts of kindness towards oneself 🙂 Thank you for reminding me. Love, Sandra

    1. Eos

      Self love is really the foundation for a happy life and healthy business.
      Doing one little thing daily can make a big difference on the long turn.
      Love and Light

  4. Petra Schwehm

    Beautifully written, Eos! I lagree with what you say, self love is so important.
    For example, acknowledging what we have brings us in the presence. I like to write with my 6-year-old son in a book every evening what were the most beautiful things from today, this is such a peacful exercise and causes good night sleeps.

    Love, Petra

    1. Eos

      Love this ritual and I had a grateful journal, too.
      It makes a big difference to see the beautiful things from the day and with practice one really starts to notice more and more how much beauty we have in our life and we tend to already plan, allow and attract things we enjoy!
      Thank you for reminding me, maybe it’s time to start over!
      Love and Light

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