Soma Soul Business Mentoring
1:1 Embodied Sacred Leadership

The intention of the “Soma Soul Business Mentoring” is a to offer you a space where you can discover and unravel your own authentic being to find ways to infuse more of who you are into your soulful business and life.

My intention for you is to feel safe to grow, express your soul essence and activate your brand magnetism.
Laying the foundation to create a business that nourishes your life and at the same time create a life that deeply inspires and activates your business.

My work is about brand magnetism, self trust, embodied leadership, and sustainable growth.

Layer after layer you will dive into the depths of the energetic tissue that make you into who you are and discover new ways to weave your story, vision, and values into everything you do.

On this adventure I will be next to you with my experience, knowledge and reflections. Holding gently the space for you, seeing you in your potential and being your vision keeper.

This journey is right for you,
if you seek:
  • Gentle guidance to access your own wisdom and answers
  • Deep trust in your ability to lead from the heart
  • A safe space to grow into your expression to make your brand magnetic
  • Building foundations and roots for your soul business
  • Getting to know and connect with your soul clients
  • Creating products and services that inspire and activate you and your soul clients
  • Earning money from doing what you love
  • Empowerment and trust to be who you are
  • Take clear and confident action towards your dreams and goals, one little step at a time
  • Feeling safe to be seen in your soul expression
  • Building systems and rituals that support you and your desired lifestyle fully
Your heart is ready to serve
and your soul longs to be seen.
You know you can make a difference and change the world for the better and wish to have some support and handholding along this journey of stepping into your sacred leadership.
I see you.
I believe in your potential and have the capacity to hold your expanded vision. Your embodied leadership is a gift to the world.
Through our work together you make a commit to yourself and activate your magnetism, inner power, wisdom and knowledge.
I feel you.
Say yes to your soul

I do believe that you have everything you need inside of you. All the answers are saved and stored in your cells and the tissue of your soul.

I see and feel you. I hold a space for you to practice to show up as your authentic self in a safe space.

I will be here for you, holding your hand and facilitating the unraveling of your unique and authentic desires, goals, and visions.
I would love to hold the space for your unfolding.

Feel free to contact me if you have any open questions and if you feel I am the right fit to support you on your soulful business and life journey I am honoured to be here for you.