Soulful Webdesign
for women enterpreneurs

You know that building, creating and designing a beautiful website is the next step for your project or business to manifest and raise its vibration.

A website to me is so much more than just a website. It’s an energetic container that brings together the different aspects of what your business is about and connects who you are and your core values to the perfect for you clients with aligned offerings.

Are you ready to create an online reflection of you?

I would love to support you on your path.

You have a project inside of you
that wants to be born
Soma Soul Business

I do believe that you have everything you need inside of you. All the answers are saved and stored in your cells and the tissue of your soul.

Having someone beside you that makes you feel seen and heard, so you can practice showing up as your authentic self in a safe space is a bridge between where you are now and shining your light even brighter, being fully seen, and serving with an open heart from a place of love.

and Branding

Branding to me is visual storytelling. My intention is to create a website and brand that makes your visitors feel and resonate on a deeper level than our minds.

We are here for your technical questions and graphic design requests. Creating logos, flyers, books, custom card decks, designing a brand strategy, or developing an online course, shop integration, newsletter automation, or any custom function for your WordPress website.

and Video

Having images or a video that tells the story of who you are, and what you stand for to communicate your values is the essence of a soulful brand. Sharing yourself and your energy through beautiful photography is what supports you to stand out and make your brand and website aligned with your personality and who you are.

As a lifestyle photo and videographer based in Menorca (Spain), I support you in becoming visible and telling your story through emotion and images.

It is okay
to be where you are and grow from here.

I work together with my husband Jose who is a WordPress developer. Together we are the founders and creators of our Freesoul WordPress Theme and the Soulful Website Academy online course.

We are really happy and open to finding a unique and bespoke solution to help you to go from where you are to where you desire to be. Reach out with your ideas and vision. We have experience in building shops, memberships, courses, custom plugins, and all kinds of functions that facilitate the growth and automation of your business.

We are looking forward to being here for you with technical support, soulful collaboration, and beautiful design.