Kind words
from my clients

  • When I first reached out to Eos and her husband, I gave them a real challenge. I wanted to create a new website and I knew the energy that I wanted the website to hold but that was pretty much it. Over the process of creation, Eos gently took me on a journey of discovery, she held space as I felt into the highest vision for the website and together we created the most soulful website I could have ever imagined. Eos has a beautiful way of bringing your most authentic self forward and lovingly holds you throughout the process. She is a true vision keeper and creative and I feel so blessed to have experienced working with her.

    Alexandra Rose
    Sacred Wellbeing
  • I was a time of deep transition when I came across Eos’ work. I had spent much time training, dreaming, planning and imagining a shift in my work, a new business, new offerings and although it felt exciting, I held back from taking the leap. It felt scary to rebrand myself, take photo portraits, speak from the heart and show my true self.

    I am forever grateful for the synchronicity of Eos’ gentle, wise presence coming into my life at that point and I know that Sacral Wellness would not have been birthed without her skilful coaching midwifery!

    With Eos’ help I was able to bring into reality the ideas that had been growing in me, she intuitively understood my vision and together we created a website, logo, business name and offerings that feel absolutely perfect for Sacral Wellness.

    Eos’ approach is unique, working with her is a spiritual, transformative process and her belief in me gave me the confidence to make huge shifts. I would highly recommend Eos’ support for anyone ready to bring fresh life, imagery and direction into their offerings. Eos holds precious, patient space for her clients and she has wonderfully creative strategies for taking clients through a life-changing process.

    Catherine Meade
    Sacral Wellness
  • One of the best decisions I have taken to grow my sacred offering in the world, has been to have Eos by my side as web designer and business coach.
    As an intuitive, I am particularly picky about who I work with especially with such an important project as birthing a website that reflects one’s essence.
    Eos has been an incredibly skilled midwife who has seen the subtle fragrance of my unique sou led business, translating it into a beautiful, well structured and customer focused website.
    Eos holds impeccable sacred space for your vision to come to life and allows the process to unfold organically, gently and in an aligned way.
    With her husband and daughter, Eos brings a team with many skills to your project which range from an aesthetic eye to technical coding to create your perfect website.
    I also had the pleasure of having my brand photos taken by Eos which was a perfect add on to creating my website in cohesive and magnetic way.
    Eos is talented in many ways and a wonderful person to co-create with.
    I highly recommend to work with Eos to bring your offerings into the world, she is a gem.

    Delphine Rose
    Intuitive channel, healer, astrologer, and priestess
  • Working with you always felt like a warm summer rain. The thoughts then cooled down and the view was clear and wide. In your stance I feel your strong spiritual connection and orientation.

    You are focused and goal-oriented, level-headed and calm, you gave me space and time to take my steps. The page that grew out of it makes my heart happy.

    I found each of our sessions inspiring and encouraging and greatly appreciated them. Thank you for your valuable work.

    Anja Braendle
    Holistic support during pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • When building my website, I was searching for someone who could capture and represent the soul of my business. I am so grateful to have found Eos! During our first discovery call, I could immediately sense that she understood the essence of what I wanted, and I felt confident in her ability to execute it. Her gentle guidance and thoughtful questions really helped me gain clarity and define my business goals. Eos explained how our websites are a reflective container for our business that can be accessed at any time or place. As a result, as soon as my website went live, I received a flood of new clients, with no advertising at all! It was like the process of building it, along with having a website that represented the authentic expression of my work allowed the energetic floodgates to open.

    I cannot recommend Eos enough for website design & for business mentoring as well. She is a deeply intuitive, magical, creative being, and your investment with her will be worth so much more than you can ever imagine.

    Dione Gadler
  • I found Eos when I was at a crossroads. I was overwhelmed with ideas and didn’t know how to proceed with my business. As a multipassionate creative entrepreneur I could see how all the paths were connected but I just couldn’t convey it. Eos not only helped me get to the core of my message, she also assisted me in unlocking potential in areas I was stuck. Her centered presence and compassionate delivery helped normalise my process and for that I am eternally grateful.

    She understood my vision and created a product that I absolutely adore. It’s elegant and playful. Eos channeled my energy and suggested a tagline that really works for me; Be led by joy – and that’s what I do. Since working with Eos I have become an international bestselling author, I have been cast in phenomenal theatre productions and I am booked to teach and run workshops in festivals, conferences and universities. It’s all aligning and making perfect sense, working with Eos has been a central part of that path. If you’re a soulful entrepreneur – Eos is the one to go to.

    Lexie Koren
    Be Led by Joy
  • Working with Eos gave me more than a website- it gave me clarity and confidence about how to communicate my offering. I work in auras and energy, and I was initially so intimated about translating my work into the website space. Finding Eos has been such a blessing.
    I felt so held and supported in my process of getting very very clear on what I am offering and how to communicate it on my website. In the time that Eos and I worked together, I underwent a personal transformation that Eos helped me navigate and help my brand transform and evolve with me.

    She works in such feminine wisdom that everything is connected and interwoven- and always helped me see that all of the unfoldings in my personal life were not hindering my website progress, but it was giving it chance to evolve and grow. Eos has a really beautiful and powerful way of calling truth forward in the connection sessions, which was absolutely essential in my website becoming what it is meant to be. 🤍

    Rianne Vestuto
    Aura Toning
  • From the very start of working together, I felt that I was in excellent hands with Eos. She is a wonderful mix of professionalism, deep sensitivity, and soulful support.

    Throughout the process of making my website, Eos involved me at every step and stayed with the creative process until I felt completely satisfied. Her follow up care has been invaluable also, and I know that if any problems arise with working my website by myself, she has my back.

    I highly recommend working with Eos. She is a wonderful soul, dedicated to her profession and to the unfolding of your vision for your own soul work.

    Aisling Richmond
    Transformative living for an evolving world
  • Working with Eos is a catalyst to expand into your truest expression as a brand/business. She holds deep and supportive space for you to align with how you wish to be seen in the world through your own soul work. She makes all the intimidating and structural aspects of putting yourself and your work out there feel effortless and exciting. I am so grateful for her soulful shepherding, perspectives on business, and fresh voice within this space of branding and business expression.

    Ashley River
    Ashley River
  • Working together with Eos for my new business and website was the best decision ever!
    Eos isn’t only a highly creative mind with brilliant graphic and aesthetic skills, she also has the ability to hold space for the whole process in a way that is so profoundly healing and really transforms and brings to light everything that wants to evolve and shine. She has unique listening abilities and walks right beside you with so much grounding and loving energy that enables you to trust the process fully and deeply. Her way to help you build your dream business and a website step by step is so crystal clear that you can walk steadily and always stay connected to your purpose. Her work is highly professional in every way.
    I love my new website! It’s stunningly beautiful and technically impeccable.
    I recommend working with her in every area on every level – she is an outstanding and very professional mentor in all of her work, and she really can help you make your dreams come true!

    Romy Day
    High Frequency Mentorcoach
  • Working with Eos is a process, it is a journey of discovery.
    You don‘t pay for a homepage, you invest in yourself.
    Eos is your guide and your expert who will guide you with love, compassion and expertise through the process. Whenever I felt blocked she offered me tools to overcome them and to get into a deeper connection with my essence which is mirrored in my Homepage.
    Eos feels you on a deep level and therefore she is a skilled interpretor of your wishes. My Homepage transports my message and my vision. Thanks to Eos I am ready to shine my light and share it with the world.

    Maria Töpfer
  • Working with Eos on my new branding and website has exceeded all my expectations. The love, the depth, the coaching: it was all so much more that I could have imagined. Apart from listening deeply Eos just seemed to know and feel what I needed, even before I knew it myself.

    She challenged me to take my time, not to rush, and to come from my heart and soul, not just my head. Her meditations are immensely helpful. The result is a beautiful home for my business, filled with soul and the right frequency, representing me at a much deeper level. The feedback that I get is beautiful and I love the results. I highly recommend working with Eos, it will be one of the best decisions that you can make for your business!

    Nicole Dubois
    Secret weapon for conscious leaders with heartfelt missions
  • The collaboration with Eos and Jose can hardly be put into words. On one part because the two simply serve with such devotion. The saying “The customer is king” takes on a completely new dimension. You feel that your growth and your success are just as important to them as their own growth and success.

    I felt so seen. Especially in the monthly sessions with Eos. Eos inspires, motivates, and empowers you, in her unique delicate, and sensitive way.
    She never pushes herself onto you and gives you the space to make your own experience and decisions, while staying committed and centered. She holds the space for you the whole time. She’s just great. A heartfelt recommendation from me.

    And Jose is my absolute favorite tech problem solver. Not only does he have immense knowledge, but he is also a quick and imaginative solution-finder, whatever the problem. Where I quickly reach my limits with the technology alone, he is inspired and well versed, helpful and patient.

    I look back on the collaboration with great gratitude and ongoing solidarity and recommend the two to anyone who wants to grow their soul-aligned business.

    Stefanie Fahrni
    Moonpriestess and Mentor for female Spirituality
  • Through the encounter and work with Eos, I was able to co-create a website that presents my business authentically and in a beautiful way to my desired customers. Everyone is enchanted when they visit my online presence.

    I’ve been using it for 1 year now and I’m completely satisfied. Thanks for always having a helping hand when I get stuck technically again. I have recommended you to others many times and I keep getting inquiries about who created this wonderful website. I pass on your name constantly and happily. Grateful to stay in a soulful connection with you.

    Claudia Maria
  • Eos supported me very empathetically, patiently and professionally in designing my logo. She intuitively felt with what the essence of my work was and inspires me again and again with her creative suggestions. Working with her is an absolute heartfelt recommendation!

    Teresa Quast
    Soulful Motherhood
  • Eos Designs are ethereal works of art!
    Through her sensitivity and artistic talent, Eos successfully captures and transports a business’s essence.
    I spent many hours designing and drawing my logo myself because it was important to me to have an authentic and unique logo no one else had.
    When I finally finished my design, I asked Eos to refine it with a touch of bronze colour.
    With Eos’s support, the soul in my design has been given the shine it needs!
    If you want the deep self, the essence of your work, to be implemented through the eyes of Eos, then you should let Eos create your design or, in my case, refine it!

    Hannah Rhode
    Wild Goddess
  • Eos is exactly what I wanted for the implementation of my website with her nature and work. She put my soul and my calling on “paper” in a way that I could not have imagined. Although I initially had a very clear idea of ​​my design and the site, I was able to let go of control and put my website in her hands. I am particularly grateful to her for her tools and process, which helped me to become even clearer about my business and, above all, to find my own personal style. I think I was far from an easy client as I am a perfectionist. But no matter how often I wanted something changed or adjusted, Eos was always there and took care of it immediately. I am incredibly grateful to her for all of her work and support. I would recommend her to anyone who doesn’t just want a website, but a website with soul and character.

    Viviane Fronzeck
    Life and career coaching
  • I’m so thankful for Eos’ support throughout the past 14 months to help me “give birth” to my personal website. I wouldn’t know where to start if it wasn’t for her. Her presence was always relaxed, calm and warm, and she was very patient with me with all the different changes I made to the website (and also when I didn’t make any progress for months). I also loved that Eos shared her meditations to help me get clear on my intention on creating my website. I also want to give a special shout out to Eos’s husband Jose for being super helpful with all the technical details of the website. So far we have worked together on creating and launching 3 websites (not just one), and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to share their voice authentically through a website to work with Eos and Jose.

    Tania Ho
    Intuitive Soul Guide
  • For me and my tango-dancing little brain, it is always important to have someone by my side so that I don’t trip over my legs from sheer creative joy. Even if meditation, yoga, astrology, and co accompany me wonderfully through life, it is essential for me to grow (together) through dialogue.

    Our 1:1 time together was characterized by:
    a love of vision and a heart for detail and inner order. You dear Eos hold the space for everything that is needed within me.

    Your strengths are:

    • Subtle and generous manner
    • Endless patience and clarity
    • Gift of hearing with every cell in your body what your counterpart has to share

    From this mixes this (primal) trust in life. An exercise for life. With someone like you by my side, I feel very empowered and understood. Every dialogue is a piece of the whole and does not have to be explained. There is room for everything.
    The shared online room you set up made it even easier for me to sort myself and my energy and tasks. The soul exhales. You were present in many different forms. A gift that is not commonplace.

    THANK YOU for flooding the online world with your incredibly beautiful energy. I always look forward to more with you.

    Danke, Mille Grazie, Obrigado, XieXie, Muchas Gracias, Danke Vielmals, Vergelt`s Gott….

    Ellen Holzschuster
    Astrologie als dein Seelenkompass
  • The website is absolutely beautiful – I love it ! I am so happy with the look and feel of it. It works effortlessly and easily and I am feeling so much more confident approaching new clients and linking people to my website from social media. It really represents the public image of what I want to achieve in my business. The whole process was professional and I found that even if I was getting wobbling Eos made it look so easy and held the whole project so calmly.

    Natasha Astara
    Spiritual Artist
  • Thank you Eos so much for everything! The creative side of the website came seamlessly together with the more technical side, helping me realise I can feel empowered doing something out of my comfort zone. Working with Eos is and has been truly a soulful experience! She emanates so much love and holds a beautiful space for something magical to be born through creating a dream website. Eos is an amazing individual and working with her opened a new chapter in my life. I feel so grateful and blessed our paths crossed when they did. With all my heart I recommend working with Eos when making your dreams come true.

    Sari Wallace
  • Working with Eos was a beautiful co creation of our minds and souls. She offered me more than I could have imagined – and the outcome is greater than the design of my website. It was a journey we shared together and Eos patiently held space for me as I grew. I never felt rushed and I changed my mind a lot. She shared with me meditations and visualisations to help me connect with who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up. As a result my website and logo were beautifully and magically shaped into the version you see today. It reflects who I am in every possible way. I am so proud of it.

    Eos is so talented and creative. She has this calmness about her and kindness that laps you up and holds you close.

    My website and logo will always remind me of Eos.

    Thank you for everything xx

    Noelle Morgan
    Life and Leadership Coach
  • The journey I took with Eos to create my website was wonderful! It was about creating a website and brand that shows my work and me the way I feel about it.
    From the first meeting, I felt that Eos is about really seeing her clients and perceiving them in their whole personalities. She supported me throughout the entire process with feedback, mentoring, and inspiring coaching questions. I felt accompanied in a very loving and at the same time professional way.
    I am very happy with the result. At the beginning of our collaboration, I couldn’t really imagine what the website would look like, I just knew the feeling I wanted to convey and it was a great success!
    Thank you, dear Eos, for your warm, open and clear manner!

    Judith Mackay
    Coaching for women
  • Being coached and supported by Eos in my journey to become self-employed was really valuable to me. Our cooperation started with the creation of my website. Her approach entirely matches my holistic attitude and Eos did let me participate and co-create in the creation process of my website. That was very important to me. In our private project management space on Trello, we were in a regular exchange of information, and it was always easy for me.   In addition to the website design, I experience very benevolent coaching with her. For me, I see all clear looking at my stages of development with her. Her ideas and the way she helps me to focus on my projects is exactly what I needed at the beginning of my business. Her alertness strengthens me. Her ideas support me mentally as well as practically in the implementation. Thank you, dear Eos, for your being and your outstanding and unique work. I recommend you to others with all my heart.
    Andrea Löffler
    Raum für dein Leben
  • You have definitely helped me to evoke and bring the brand energy and vision to life which is what I was looking for regarding this project. I’m pleasantly surprised how right it feels when I see it. I really enjoyed the process of how it birthed from a vague vision to what it is now. I feel it is exactly where the brand and business should be at this stage. So, well done. Working with you has definitely taught me how to leave trust in other’s hand in order for it to flow as it should be. So many people commented on how beautiful and calming the site is. It has been a pleasure to know and working with you Eos, because I do think you care. Thank you so much!
    Grace Niu
    Feng Shui Serenity
  • I am able, as a woman, to hold so much more because of Eos.
    Her support, her warmth, her wisdom and her balance have not only enabled my business to be seen & to grow; to continue to be nourished step by step; but as a person, I feel we have shared so much.
    There has been so much treasure cultivated between us both on an emotional and spiritual level as well as that of the physical;  structure and focus. Stepping into my masculine and being able to hold myself and my body at the most basic level.
    From this roots have been able to grow… clients are steadily flowing in and I have been able to strip more and more away in order to be truly seen as confidence has been restored and the seeds planted have begun to bloom.
    It is very much a work in progress for me, I don’t believe “it” ever ends as fundamentally we are our business and our business is who we are; ever changing, circumnavigating the tides of what we live and breathe and fundamentally what we enjoy/choose to be.  Stepping back to ask what is it truly we want to say and how do we go about getting that message out.  It is here that Eos has truly helped.
    I have been so very lost at times and Eos has held this alongside me; shared with me the ins and outs of all that we are, all that we face as women and ultimately letting go of the binds and the confines; the mask of all we are not. Sharing with other women as well, through your Aurum Membership has been pure magic.
    I have always felt and known Eos to be with me every step of the way whilst maintaining firm boundaries and empowering me to do the same. I am grateful we found each other and that we continue to lead the way of our own unique light together.
    I feel a true friendship has formed amongst our love of beauty honesty and truth; deep nourishment and genuine care; and for me there can be no greater gift.
    In abundance; thank you sweet kind magical Eos xxxx
    Katie Brooke
    Unfolding in Love
  • Eos knows how to make the creation of a website a journey. An inner journey that allows you to recognize your values, the soul essence of your project, and encourages your own growth. An accompaniment that supports personal development and contributes to creating a website that “feels like mine” and is holistic. A website that is long-lasting – sustainable, because it is an external reflection of my inner world and mindset.
    A big thank you to you Eos for your empathetic and professional support. Without you, this result would not have been achieved. A big thank you to Jose, who took on the many technical challenges for me. It is a gift to be able to work with you.

    Esther Wittwer
    Coach & Trainer
  • To put it in a nutshell: Working with Eos is simply incredible. Every time i felt stuck in the process of building the website, Eos offered me the perfect input to shift perspective. Sometimes it was like she could see more clearly what i needed than i could see it myself. Step by step she encouraged me to put my best and authentic self out there. And she did it with so much patience und support (both technically as in form and content) paired with the right amount of humour and kick-ass ideas. Working with Eos is not about building a website, it’s about having the courage to find your purpose in life, it’s about telling the world what you have to offer. And Eos is this wise and inspirational woman who helped me to have the heart to do that. It was the smoothest teamwork i’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t be happier with the result. That’s the reason why I keep coming back. Eos fuels me with the faith and inspiration I need to give my best.
    Danja Lutz
    School of Embodiment
  • Working with Eos has been exactly the right decision for me. The quality of the design work is second to none. Even more importantly, Eos is the embodiment of her word. Not only does she show up fearlessly and compassionately to support my authenticity and alignment, but she is aligned within herself. She does what she says she will do, with beauty, grace and care.
    I have so much appreciation for Eos as a powerfully creative designer and coach who is also grounded, graceful and present. She is a true soulful professional. Both the process and the completed website have been excellent in every way.
    Juliet Trnka
  • Connecting and working with Eos was my best decision ever! Standing side by side with me and encouraging me to do the next steps I finally reached the end and still can’t believe it.
    Eos is more than a website designer, for me she is a soul couch too, she knows exactly how and where to focus your website on and to make it aligned with your soul’s desire. Many times we don’t have clarity on our projects and businesses because of all the things we would love to do and to include – Eos looks right through all of this and gives you a crystal clear and practical solutions.
    I am very grateful and happy to have met this talented lady and will certainly recommend her to all the women who want to build a soul aligned business.
    Thank you for everything you do dear Eos and may you keep inspiring and supporting many women with their soul creations!
    With love, Astrid.
    Astrid Algra
    Support and Guidance for the new earth kids
  • Eos sees people. And she has the incredible gift of working out the essence of her clients vision – so other people can see it too. With her work my business flew up to a whole new level. On a daily bases I get emails from people who were inspired only by visiting my website. Not only she guided me safely through the whole process of building my page, we also had the time of our lifes doing it. So much fun… I really gained a soul sister and am grateful beyond words for what Eos and her amazing work have brought to my life.
    Priska Baumann
    SoulFreedom Coach and Creative Visionary
  • Working with Eos is a gift for every entrepreneur! Eos is a outstanding web designer, she intuitively sees you and your needs and translates this into a visual language, which 100% expresses what you want to convey. She brings together the needs of your clients with your authentic self expression. She accompanies you on your path with endless love, professionalism and dedication. It’s a special and vulnerable process to show up with your offers and be seen. Eos doesn’t only work with you on your beautiful and clear website, she also accompanies you devotedly on your way into being self employed, launch new products or to grow your business in different aspects. Working with Eos is more then only buy a service, it is a co creation, in which you develop yourself, it makes you happy and always bears fruits. I am deeply grateful for our work together and very much appreciate Eos and her work.
    Elisabeth Hahnke
    Coach and trainer
  • Working with Eos Koch was like hiring a whole team of webdesigner, fotographer, videographer, business coach, life coach, and branding expert. She is an all inclusive website fairy and has a true talent in mirroring her client’s unique energy and authentic style. She walks her talk and offers deep, soulful webdesign. Her sense for beauty, harmony, balance and structure enables her to create one-of-a-kind websites for every client she works with. I had the privilege to be guided by her through a very confusing time in which I couldn’t really grasp and understand how I could bring all the pieces of my puzzle together. She helped me to develop structures and systems in which I could express my message clearly, bring all my gifts together in a way that made sense to the viewer and so that my ideal clients could find me and work with me. Her down to earth approach supported me to find the clarity and simplicity I was seeking within the vastness of my creative ideas. I can highly recommend working with Eos, it is amazing how life changing a website which truly reflects who you are and what you have to offer can be. The creation of my website was a deep process which took my business to a whole new level. I am forever grateful for our collaboration. Thank you Eos for everything! Love, Christina
    Christina Szegedi
    Living Artfully - Art, Dance, Yoga- & holistic Body-Mind-Soul Coach
  • The encounter with Eos is for me a blessed coincidence, which has strengthened me, to follow my vision and to give her shape in form of a website. Eos has empowered me through her affectionate accompaniment and encouraged me on my path to my own website, to show me and my personality openly. It is important to me to touch my readers and clients with my work in their heart and innate true change. I couldn’t imagine a better companion as Eos for the creative translation of my message. Thank you Eos. You are a true gift!
    Christina Fedaie
    Trainer & Coach
  • Building a webpage with Eos is a beautiful journey of growth. She knows that it can be daunting and overwhelming to expose yourself to the world. So she first takes you into her own creative parlour, makes you feel right at home and listens intently, while you tell your story. Then, in her warm and caring manner, she pulls it all together behind the scenes, magically spins a beautiful fabric and tapestry, intuitively choosing colours and images that match you and your venture perfectly. Launching happens when the time is just right; with the patience of a midwife, she holds your hand and makes sure the last minute perfections are taken care of, in such a way that you understand every detail yourself. Once launched she lets you fly, feeling safe and sound, knowing she is watching from a distance, just in case you would ever need her help.
    Soul Jewel
  • I really enjoyed the organic process of the logo creation, how it kind of evolved thanks to our interaction. You listened to my feedback, made gentle creative suggestions, and were always encouraging, calm, warm and positive that in the end I would have a logo and font that I really love – and I do. I feel that the logo, colour palette and font have given my brand a strong identity that reflects my values and message. It makes me feel more confident about my business, and the direction I’m giving it, and eager to move forward and grow. They show all the time, energy and love you put into creating them, and I’m very grateful for your work.
    Cristina Colli
    Stylist & Photographer
  • Eos did a tremendous job, was extremely professional and clearly is dedicated to her craft. When I first met her, I just wanted a site to promote my book – just had a vague idea. She guided me trough the process, step-by-step and gave more the expected. Eos brought her creativity to the table and helped me really to hone in on what I wanted. She acknowledged my needs and met in a way that made my vision become reality. thanks to her talents, she even extracted my vision more clear than I could work out with any coach. I got not only a site for my book – but a site for my tribe! And I love her feminine touch!
    Patricia Trenkler
  • As soon as I saw Eos’ stunning instagram feed, filled with serene beauty, I knew she was the designer for me. Eos originally helped me design my first online course, The Gentle Transition. Her heart centred approach, strategic vision, and keen eye for sweetness and light completely blew me away. Her design made The Gentle Transition more beautiful and more accessible than I ever imagined. Since then, Eos has helped me with album covers for my own meditations and for my clients; plus designs for advertising and social media. Every time, the experience is easy, love soaked and beautiful. I’m so grateful for Eos’ skill and spirit. I couldn’t recommend her more highly for your soulful design needs.

    Sonesence - meditones & custom meditation music
  • I’m so pleased I decided to work with Eos on the logo and branding for my new project, Jijaze. The process we followed together helped me get really clear about what I wanted and liked and she was really committed to creating something that felt just right for us. What she created looks amazing and really works for us conveying what Jijaze is all about in a look that’s bright and colourful but professional looking at the same time. Everyone loves it and it was an absolutely pleasure working with Eos as well – I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

    Mary Ann Mihna
  • Dear Eos, today I would like to thank you for developing my wonderful homepage together with me. It was such an inspiring journey – far more than the simple act of finding the right colours, the right photos or look. I felt supported on a deep level. Your questions and your soulful suggestions inspired me to express myself more authentically. The biggest gift for me as an creative entrepreneur was that you held the space for me and my ideas so delicate, that they had time to grow in their own beauty and pace. I am more than happy with my new online home and look forward to work with you again.

    Nina Pettenberg
  • First of all, I have to tell you that I have been showing the website to friends and have been receiving so many compliments. One of my friends had tears in her eyes after I left her alone with it for half an hour. She said she was really moved because it was so beautiful and did a great job of capturing me and the sort of atmosphere that I offer in the studio and on my events. So thank you so much for that Eos.
    Sherry Kranabitter
    Stubai Yoga
  • Thank you Eos, I loved to work with you on my website, you had an incredible sense of what suits me. I liked that you have intuitively felt and perceived who I am. You have given me a colorful and pictorial identity that I have not seen so before. It felt like this great garment, which fits you like a glove and was made just for you. Something extraordinary, which one does not find so often. I liked your reliability and commitment.
    Tanja Misiak
    Coaching and training
  • I will say that after returning from the retreat and every mastermind call I felt I was in a great place. In our work together felt cared for and understood. I never felt like I was burdensome when I had lots of questions or needed extra support. I love your holistic take on business. I found it so enlightening, fulfilling and unique.
    Samantha Hill Rodgers
    Bespoke elopement cordination and photography
  • From the very first encounter with Eos, we felt that she understands what we need and that she can support us in it. She engaged with our team – with our similarities and differences – and made it possible that our website could be created with ease. A website that reflects the three of us individually and supports our work together in the mindfulness center.

    One of the biggest challenges was: to present our many different offers. She found a solution that is visually very appealing and at the same time very clear, concise, and user-friendly. Her holistic perspective from the outside helped us find ways we often did not recognize ourselves.

    Eos – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful work: You have combined beauty and functionality on our website in such a wonderful way. We are particularly grateful for the ease in the process of creation that was possible through your experience and your “space holding” for us.

    Lara, Josephine und Susanna
  • I loved the welcome package. It was so helpful that you always brought me back to take on responsibility for myself, my next steps and guided me to trust in my intuition. I felt supported that you hold the space for me without judgement. In our coaching sessions I felt that you do your work with passion and where really there for me. I felt your authenticity and how you truly care to support others to live there calling.
    Olga Wieser
  • My logo from Eos still fills me with joy and pride.
    I love the elegance it exudes, the high quality, and the different shades of color and formats that are extremely practical.
    For me, my logo is not only beautiful but also unique. It expresses me and my work.
    Thank you, dear Eos, for your loving, inspiring, creative, patient, and yet speedy support. The process connected me to my soul and essence and my logo is a reflection of this. I would make it with you again and again!

    Julia Giesinger
  • I always knew that I wanted to work with a professional to establish the branding for my business but I thought it may be difficult to find someone who was on the same page as me and who would really understand my vision and my ethos. My company is all about supporting women, getting in touch with our innate wisdom and nurturing that feminine energy. I needed to work with an individual who truly felt the essence of my brand. I came across Eos and her beautiful work and knew instantly that she was the perfect match for me and my brand. She puts so much love and soul into her work and is a truly inspiring person. I found that with each conversation we had, my vision was getting clearer and stronger.   I love that Eos uses different tools in order to gain clarity on your wishes. I found the questionnaires so incredibly helpful in solidifying my thoughts and visions and things came up for me that I didn’t even consciously know before! Eos is a true inspiration, giving you so much support, love and guidance so that you can create the brand that is authentically you. I have so enjoyed the work we have done together so far and look forward to doing a whole lot more in the future. I am incredibly grateful to have found her inspiring work and would recommend anyone looking for unique, heartfelt branding to look no further.
    Leanne Kifford
    Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in women's health
  • The decision to take the journey with Eos was one of my best decision I did! I could create amazing changes in a short period of time with her soulful guidance. After each session I felt clearer and more grounded and could take my next steps. She guided me always back to my own soul knowing and helped me to birth what was within me, into the reality. It felt like a seed that has been planted into a nourishing and rich soil, she was standing close to me helping me to allow that process to happen. Empowering me, guiding me and reflecting back to me the light and strength I have within me.   I can not explain how grateful I am to have had the chance to work with Eos. She is an amazing soulful coach that awakens your OWN knowing, after working with Eos I feel that the trust in myself is stronger. She gave me always the feeling she trusts in my own power and she created an amazing safe space to create, to discover and to connect with myself.   Eos showed me my wings and helped me to trust in the ability to fly
    Vanessa Guerrero
    Founder of Vannessa Guerrero Design Studio
  • My feedback to you is:
    • You are full of patience, and at the same time, you gently push ahead when necessary. You always waited until the right words were found.
    • You have the empathy and intuition to translate ideas (without words) into images.
    • My website couldn’t become normal or boring, because everything comes together and makes total sense in the end.
    • You and your camera aren’t scary, but it was light and easy to take photos for my website together.
    • You not only accept ideas, but you made them better.
    Dr. Med. Silke Wolbank
    Neural, pain and yoga therapy
  • The collaboration and work together with Eos are one of the most beautiful and helpful business decisions I’ve made so far. Already on our first meeting at the discovery call seeds of ideas started to grow, ideas that I haven’t allowed myself before to follow.   With Eos emerged far more than just a logo, website and shop: it felt like as trough the process we dived deep to inspect the foundation of my work with attention and made it robust, sustainable and viable. Precisely this is holding me now and supports me in my growth. She kept the space, but at the same time, she nudged me when it was necessary.   Looking back I have the impression, Eos recognized fast where our journey together would go, but she left me all the space to discover, shape and let it emerge out of myself. Like this, I learned to go through creative processes – with all the feelings that are related to it. The website that arose out of this is not only a beautiful expression of my work, but she makes my work so much easier and smoother because my clients see me in it. Thank you, dear Eos, for your precious work.
    Susanna Mühlbacher
    Mindful change
  • When I discovered about Eos’ website design and development packages and saw her stunning portfolio, I fell in love with her delicate and magic touch. With gentle listening and observing, she has been able to exactly understand the feelings I wanted for my new brand. Not only she amazingly crafted the new logo, but also guided me through a perfect photo shooting in Ibiza, and finally created a website that 100% reflects me and my brand. Thank you very much Eos and Jose for your wonderful work, I couldn’t ask for anything better!

    Anh Thu Nguyen
    Coach & Professional Trainer
  • Before I started working with Eos I felt like I didn’t have a clear direction of how I wanted my vision to come to life. In our first session together, she guided me to a place where we could co-create such beautiful work together. She really understands, deeply listens to your desires and then she creates! Through her process she designed the most beautiful logo for me that really captures my soul essence. I get compliments on it all the times. Then, she helped me create these stunning affirmation cards for my group program. They are not only absolutely gorgeous but intentionally crafted. As for her quality of work, it’s outstanding. She’s incredibly talented and such a delight to work with. I cannot say enough great things about working with Eos!
    Callie Maggiori
    Magnetize Daily
  • Working with Eos was a wonderful experience. We had a lot of fun creating our campaign video and branding photographs. What we loved most about this experience was that Eos was fully competent and very passionate about everything she did. We highly recommend Eos to everyone who wants to have a creative, fun and professional brand.
    Tina Jatho & Simon Gutmann Jatho
    Happy Teaching GmbH
  • Working with Eos and her husband Jose was like diving into a safe, magical container where I was able to truly explore my Why, my Vision and my Mission. Eos guided me with her fierce and soft clarity lovingly wrapped in beauty. She asked powerful questions. She gave me time and motivated me to dive deeper. And the deeper I dug, the more treasures I found. I am grateful for you Eos and I am looking forward to re-launch my website with you soon!

  • Before I started working with Eos I was uncertain on how to go about my new business niche and how I could combine my various interests such as being grounded in the feminine while working with the universe. Eos is very understanding and nurturing and has the talent to bring out the best in you, purely professional in a sensitive and kind way – a very unique gift! I enjoyed the 3 months with Eos very much and it has helped me tremendously, thank you dear Eos!
    Hilda Weber
    Success and Mindset Coach
  • Working on my new homepage was a beautiful process, similar to pregnancy and subsequent birth. I was able to rediscover myself through the empathic, patient nature of Eos. Again and again, she encouraged me to show myself. I am so thankful to Eos and her wonderful family for their support. My homepage has become so much more than only a page. Thanks for that 💖

    Jutta Mittermayer
    Yoga Wien
  • I’m so happy and grateful that I had Eos creating my homepage by my side. It was an essential step in my business for me to build my website and brand, and she guided me so wonderfully. Not only did Eos create a beautiful homepage for me that reflects me and my business, but she also accompanied me through the process. Through her support, her intuition, the loving words and advice, I was able to focus on what is important for me on my journey again and again. I had the time and space to feel in myself what is important to me and stay with myself. I thank Eos with all my heart! This collaboration has given me so much, and I can only urge everyone to take this vital step in their own business with this beautiful and inspiring person.
    Sabrina Arnold
    Training and coaching
  • I appreciate how you bring me out of my comfort zone to actually using the word “soul space”, because that’s really aligned more with my soul. You’ve been amazing in just pushing me in the right amount, without stressing me up. You’re truly gifted in the sense that you use your intuition to see my energy at that point, and offer wonderful advice and tools to help me cope with the particular situation I was in.
    I also love how tech savvy you are and how you introduce other resources during the whole coaching journey. Thank you thank you thank you for being so approachable, understanding, patience, and truly just being an amazing human being!
    Denise J Langan
    Tendresse Design
  • Thank you, Eos, for the beautiful journey that was the creation of my website. I love the result which emerged from the in-depth-process you guided me through to explore and polish my vision. Thank you for your loving presence along the way and for the inspiration you are offering as a truly soulful business leader.

    Lea-Sophia Lehrer
    Holistic coach for women
  • Your online content always drew me in with it’s serene and spacious nature – you truly embody your art.

    Thank you for being open to my questions and for holding space for me to process my thoughts on every matter we explored. Your prompts were deeply insightful and ultimately inspired me to see my own desire more clearly. I gained a powerful, practical way of anchoring my intention so my work can more easily flow from this aligned essence.

    Laura Mar
    Body Literacy
  • Thank you Eos – you are a wonderful human full of subtlety, sense of details paired with a reliable way of working. You do have an intuitive flair for what is important, feeling the individual essence of an offer and what really needs to be birthed into the world.
    You not only have created a beautiful and deeply resonating online home for me, but supported me with your mindful way of coaching in my process of finding and redefining who I want to be and how I want to show up. You held a space for me over a long time and gave me the right inputs on my journey of building and creating my very first website after 10 years of having my own business.
    So nice, that you are in my life and happy that this co-creation journey is just about to start from here.
    Yvonne Mattes
  • By a wonderful coincidence, I became aware of Eos and her work. After we had the first conversation, I quickly decided to give my website a new look with her support.
    We worked together intensively for 4 months and I can hardly express my gratitude. Eos not only supported me in filling my pages with my energy but also accompanied and strengthened me mentally. We’re completely different types but I can’t think of a better person than her to create something so personal. She had such great ideas and was able to implement each of my desires perfectly. I am happy and sad that my site is published, as our first project is now finished, but I am sure we will work on other projects in the future.
    I highly recommend working with her.

    Sandra Radic
    Empower your body and mind
  • Working with Eos is a heart to heart and soul to soul experience. Eos meets you where you are and she has the ability to see what you might not see, at the moment you are working with her. She connects to your essence and helps you to find all aspects concerning you and your business. All the different layers and parts come together to form one and in the end they are seen.

    Eos offers both rooted down to earth work and light connected work with heaven. She knows how to sow seeds and to protect and groom them.

    I am working with Eos for a long time now … and to me her work is inspiring, sparkling, soulful, deep, grounded, fun, easy, whole and of course full of LOVE.

    Kristina Westenhöfer
  • Birthing my Webpage together with Eos Koch was a magical Co-Creation.
    Eos’s guidance, wisdom, love, softness, willpower, and her professionality made it easy for me to go with the flow and trust in the process.
    When I wrote new texts to her or discussed new ideas with her, she immediately reacted and realized it.
    Just in the divine right timing, my Homepage was ready to launch.
    I truly can see that she walks her talk and LIVES Soulbusiness.
    Now my Webpage is really reflecting my soul and my soulmission.
    THANK YOU EOS – I will always keep you in my heart.

    Ijanna Sol
    Rituals, ceremonies and tantra yoga
  • Working with Eos is a blessing.
    Going so to say pregnant with my soulful business and business website I experienced Eos as a wonderful professional and dedicated midwife. With an unbreakable commitment, she stayed at my side till the very launch.
    Being confused again and again how to name and to arrange my different gifts I have to share with the world so that my unique energy is visible and my offers sincerely made from the bottom of my heart and in alignment with my core values took me a long time to find the courage and clarity. Due to Eos’s mentoring and guidance through this transformative threshold period in the end all pieces fell into place. The circle closed like magic.
    Eos held the safe room for intense brand developing processes as well as for emotional ones going along with them – no matter how deep I dived. In our beautiful co-creation, she responded to me with endless patience and respect it seemed. She (together with her tech save husband) gave her support, feedback, and advice concerning design, structure, content, and offers as well as emotional conditions – wherever needed and in an overall generous, compassionate, precious, and useful way. I love her aesthetic and harmonious design elaborations she developed according to my style, ideas, and values.
    Working with Eos is an incredible healing journey with the gift of nourished self-confidence and an especially aligned and beautiful website supporting your soulful business with the strong roots it needs.
    Thank you with all my heart, dear Eos, for this journey and gift.
    In deep gratitude and delight for our wonderful collaboration, Birgit

    Birgit Dossow
    Whispers of la luna
  • Working with Eos is inspiring and motivating. I am grateful for her patience and empathetic support during the growth of my project. Thanks to our work together I was able to bring momentum into my business and we co-created a beautiful website. Thank you for our wonderful connection.

    Rebecca Steiner
    Coaching and Self-development
  • I have so much love and gratitude in my heart for Eos. She has soulfully and skillfully guided my website journey as the goddess she is and as a doula of harmony and beauty. Her generosity as a coach gently guided me in not only the creation of a gorgeous website but also into the deep remembrance of my soul essence as divine presence. Eos truly knows what is meant by the soul of business. Her artistry and kindness is tempered with integrity and family values. She always sees the bigger picture when one is falling into the rabbit hole of perfection. When confidence and clarity are failing she has a way of steering one back home.

    Eos lives and breathes the frequencies of love that transcend time; she never made me feel like I needed to hurry, yet she was totally available when the birth of the website was due. She and her partner, Jose, allowed my last minute changes with ease and grace.

    I always felt nourished and nurtured.

    Her Aurum membership was also a lovely container to be a part of in the sense of community that she is creating with women from all over the world. When I move on to a future project to create a book I know who to turn to. Her published offerings are incredibly helpful as well as graceful. Eos guided me on a path of embodiment as well as empowerment to share my gifts. She honored all of my feelings without judgment.

    The path of creation through business can feel so vulnerable but I always felt safe with Eos. I still feel safe and inspired by her vibration and her vision of a beautiful conscious world.

    Lynn Roeder
    Swan Song | Sound Healing and Voice Activator
  • Eos has the gift of perceiving people in their essence in order to let the soul essence of an individual shine in the form of a website.
    On our journey together I have been able to leave behind a lot of what I believed to be, what seemed unchangeable to me. So I could bloom into a version of myself that is aligned with the highest vision I could see and imagine for my life to become.

    Eos sees beneath the surface with a holistic approach from the heart to birth a human’s unique soul expression into the world. Eos transforms through their very being.

    Working with Eos was not only a journey to a wonderful online presence but much more of a journey to becoming more of who I am. The result is a website as a reflection of the embodiment of my inner being and an anchor that holds the energy of how I am able to serve people with my work. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything she puts with devotion into the world every day.

    Julia Plechinger
    Embody your sacred Essence
  • Our web design by Eos gave the business a significant boost in confidence and helped propel our operations forward!

    I wish every business project could start like Eos’s approach to branding! She truly gets to the soul of your business with her process- it’s a unique experience that is both inspiring and engaging. We’ve received several compliments on the design and style of our website– a good majority of those compliments have come from others within the marketing industry which speaks volumes about her expertise and talents. Her sense of style and design elevated any ideas we had and brought them to the next level.

    I recommend her as often as I can and I look forward to every opportunity I get to work with her on projects. If you’re not sure where to start, start with Eos and you’ll finish with a world-class website that will help you go forward with confidence at your next business meeting.

    Jess Azure
I would love to support you on your journey of building a business, brand, and website that is deeply aligned with your soul expression.