My intention
is to inspire and support you to create a life and business that is in alignment with your soul and filled with beauty.

A life and business that nurtures you on every level, so you can shine your light fully, do the work you love and create the lifestyle you desire.

It is a constant journey to create a life where we feel the way we want to and if you know your core values they can be your north star to follow.

I am on this journey for myself and to support women to create and shape their life and business to be in alignment with their soul and desires. I believe that each and every one of us is whole and we all have the answers for ourselves inside of us.

My work is about holding space for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and truth so you make confident and clear decisions, create a foundation for an authentic brand, express beauty, attract abundance and share your message from a place of soul alignment.
In my work and life,
I am guided by my intuition and make decisions in alignment with my soul.


I am a lover of beauty. Inside and out. The simplicity in everyday life, in the perfect color combination and the shape of nature, makes me feel at peace. Beauty for me is never about perfection, but about balance. As a Sagittarian sun, Virgo Moon, and Libra Rising I know how to take inspired action, love to be organized and beauty is what nourishes me.

Doing what we love and loving what we do. That is something I fully believe is possible for each and every one of us. Living and working from a place of love doesn’t mean that it is easy and there is no shadow, but it means that we learned how to dance with the shadow and are committed to growth and depth.

My design work is a visual expression of this beauty. It’s the language I speak beyond words and the one I feel most comfortable in speaking. I do speak a lot of different languages and soulful connection is one of my core values.

Self love and worth are the foundation for a happy life and fulfilled business with strong roots.

You are a magical being and creator. You have the power in your hands to make your life the highest vision you can imagine, build your dream business and earn money by doing what you love every day.

Being innovative and look at things from new angles, going my own way, being true and honest is my philosophy.

I see you building your own and authentic soul aligned business. Planting the seed of your vision and growing your business in an organic and holistic way that has a strong foundation and roots that will hold any storm that can come up along the way.

About me and my work
I’m Eos Koch a soulful business mentor and web designer for creative women entrepreneurs. We created our business 8 years ago and together with my husband Jose (he is the technical WordPress expert behind the scenes) and my daughter Li Tara who is a designer we design and develop WordPress websites, design brand graphics and I am a coach and mentor to support women to create a soulful life and business.
All of this work is in full alignment with my soul and nurtures my core values of authenticity, soulful connection, trust, and holistic beauty.
I believe in slow business. This means growing our business and brand in a sustainable and soul-aligned way from the inside out.
Soulful Webdesign
and Branding
The Soul of
Business Book
Soma Soul Business Mentoring
Are you willing to show up for yourself
and create a life and business you love?
I truly believe in a world where we all are deeply connected with our strengths and rooted in our worthiness. A world where we do what we love and where our work nourishes our life and our life inspires our work.

We live in Menorca, the beautiful Balearic Island in Spain with our two daughters and dogs.

I was born and raised in Switzerland near the Lake Constance, but since then lived in Italy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Ibiza, and now in Menorca. I love languages and speak fluent English, German and Italian. I understand and speak a little bit of French and Spanish.
Feel free to contact me in the language you feel comfortable communicating in and I am sure we will find a way to understand each other.

I traveled through the Sahara desert in the north of Africa, with my parents when I was just three years old. Our home for one year was a red camper, since then a lot of years passed. I am still a gypsy at heart and love to explore the world, meet openhearted and minded souls like you and express myself through beauty and design.

We moved from Switzerland
to the Balearic Islands in Spain
in the late summer of 2017.


We created a life and business where our passions melted together with our work. My husband Jose is a magician in creating functions, custom plugins, and integrations for WordPress that automate repetitive work. One of his core values is efficiency and bringing that together with my soulful and creative visions creates the perfect mix for a functional and beautiful website.

We both are nourished and inspired by nature and love to walk through the little forest beside our home to the beach with our dogs, sitting on the rocks and looking at the infinite blues of the ocean, breathing in the salty air and feeling the wind on our skin while being truly present in the moment.

We are on a journey of creating a life full of meaning, financial freedom, and soulful connection together with our daughters Rea Stella and Li Tara who are 13 and 19 years old. Creating beauty, enjoying homemade food, and present time together to make them grow up with confidence, self-worth, and the freedom to create a life that is in alignment with their values, desires, and strengths.

Holding space for our growth and supporting each other to create a life that makes us happy and feel the way we want to feel is one of the visions we hold for each other and for each and every one of our clients.

Together we rise
Join us in the inner circle.
A place for soulful women to gather and connect.
Closing the gap
between who you are on the inside
and how you are seen from the outside