Align your actions with your soul purpose and build the lifestyle your heart desires

Are you ready to build a website and brand to support you in your soulful work and attract perfect for you clients?

An energetic space that reflects on the outside who you are on the inside. A safe platform to be visible, share your story, express your voice, and communicate your vision to attract the ones that believe what you believe, all while creating a lifestyle and day-to-day life which is rooted in your core values and how you want to feel.

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Every project I work on is near to my heart. I try to capture your vision holistically and translate it into a website that is a true reflection of who you are as a person. No project is as the other. I am fully emerged in every step of your brand building, business growth and website creation.

Working together with me, my daughter Li Tara who is a designer and my husband Jose who is a professional WordPress Developer means that you are supported in every way you need. When we work together, we go onto a journey of co-creation and my intention is to hold a space for you where you can fully commit to the unfolding of your vision. We will set a clear intention to reach and take the steps that are needed to get there.

Being honest and respectful with each other is at the root of our collaboration. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your vision to see if I am the right fit to support you in the unfolding of your project.

I believe that every business is
truly unique and want to help you bring that out.


Having a professional look makes you stand out on the internet and strengthens your confidence. My intention is to infuse your website with intentional energy to magnetize the right souls to your website and work.

My intention is to create a website for you that creates a safe container to share your voice and is an expression of your unique vibration.

I want to balance an aesthetic and beautiful design that is a reflection of your soul expression and at the same time, I am all about clean and clear functionality. A place where your ideal client can feel your energy while it is clear and easy for them to navigate through the layers of your essence and offerings.

Building a brand and business
is like planting a tree.

First, you prepare the soil; then you choose a place with just the perfect amount of sun; then you put the seed into the ground and water regularly. There is a little sprout that will start to grow slowly and organically, which then becomes a stronger tree over the years. You can provide the best circumstances possible into this process, but you can’t make this tree grow faster.

Your website and brand are the roots, the foundation of your online business, and need therefore to be well anchored and strong in the ground, so they will hold against the next storm that is coming your way.
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Every project is unique.

Our journey together is customized to each of your individual needs. Working together is a co-creation of unraveling and refining your own individual style and soul expression.



My experience is, that every project is unique and I am really happy to see you, your vision, your desires and your project and make you a unique custom offer.

If you are looking for a website that mirrors your business and essence, the “Growing roots package” might be the right fit for you.
This package gives you everything that you need when you are starting out or desire to show up more authentically with your new website.

We are really open and happy to serve you with all your custom requests and help you see what you need right now, what fits into your budget and what makes the most sense, for where you are in your business.

Contact me for a free discovery session where we will estimate what you would need, where I can get to know you and your vision and where you can ask me all your open questions.

Free discovery call


To give you a clear timeframe, I need to know where you are in the process and what you need, book a discovery call and we can have a look at that and map out your plan and which package is the best fit for you.

The Growing roots package will take about 3 months from start to finished website and I am happy to look at your project and see what timeframe is realistic for our work together.
We do ask you for your commitment once we get started together and we have a fixed price and timeframe for our project together (it is always possible to have a break and timeout if needed for whatever reason) if the project goes out of the, in the beginning, discussed scope, we would need to discuss additional payment.
I work on the foundation of trust and honesty and clear communication will make it fair for both parties.
In my work, it is really important for me, that you get out of our work together what you intend and I believe that energy does level itself out and the projects I work on will always adapt to your needs. So there may be that with some work we go over the initial offer and this means that we will let away something else. I trust that we find a balance in this together.
You do have the possibility to freeze a project if you realize that you will need more time to work out things on your end.
I am really open to accommodate you and your needs. That you get out what you intend from our work together is very important to me, but to work with an open heart and from a place of love, it is very important that we respect each other and each others time.

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Every project is different and unique and I want to get to know you, your needs, expectations, and vision in a not binding clarity online call to see if we are a good fit to work with each other, and from there I will send you a not binding custom proposal. The price of a web design project depends on the functions and size.

You can check out our bestselling package: “Growing roots package” and my logo design package: “Soul Blossoming Logo Design”.

If you have a budget that you have to keep in, let me know and we will see what is possible for you and how we can come together.

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We are specialised and work on the foundation of self hosted WordPress with our own developed custom theme Freesoul WordPress theme.

I‘m all about empowering you that you learn to do the basic things by yourself, as updating your blog, add new testimonials or change a line of text on your about page, WordPress will give you a good interface to easily do that.


Usually, the CMSs as WordPress periodically release some updates, to follow the internet trend, for providing security solutions and for general improvements.

When a WordPress site is hacked, the WordPress core team works hard to find and solve the core vulnerabilities, and then they very quickly release an update.

WordPress has a forum and a ticket system, every time the core team considers useful some observations given by the users or if some bugs are discovered, after a time they release an update.

All that is something very positive, and we think it’s useful to always have the last version of WordPress running on your site. The dark side is that some plugins and theme authors are not so fast to follow the WordPress core updates and they don’t update in time their product. If the WP core team deletes some functions that are used by a theme or plugin, the website where is installed that theme or plugin will generate fatal errors that will break the web page where that errors are triggered.
Before a WP function is deleted, it’s declared as deprecated for a long time, so if a plugin triggers fatal errors, means that plugin was not updated for a really long time or the plugin author didn’t care that in his plugin was present a deprecated function.
This is the biggest problem some WordPress users suffer when they have very old plugins or themes.

We use our own theme for the style and our own plugins for the basic functionalities (contact forms, newsletter opt-ins, anti-spam, landing pages, coming soon …) and we do the best to follow the changes in WordPress. In our development sites, we always have the WordPress beta versions that are still not published and we know in advance if a problem could happen with future WordPress versions.

If after a WordPress update your site has a problem caused by our theme or one of our plugins, you don’t have to pay for the problem solving, and we will be grateful because you will give us the possibility to improve our framework. If the issue is caused by other plugins we may ask you a fee that will depend on the problem. If your site is still under development and we are already working on it, you don’t have to pay in any case.

The WordPress updates will be under our responsibility during the site development and for 1 month after the site publication. Then they can be done by yourself with one click or we can decide that they will be done automatically. Usually, we set automatic updates for our clients.


Working in this soulful way it is most important that our work together is rooted in mutual honesty and respect for each other.

My clients are open-minded and ready to invest in their business with their time and attention. Our work is a co-creation and collaboration.

It is your part to write the copy for your website, decide on your offers, on the structure and bringing everything together. I’m here for you to facilitate this process and give feedback, but building an authentic website isn’t something that you just outsource, but a process that comes together piece by piece.

We need some photos of you and your brand, as I do think a soulful brand comes to life through who you are. Showing yourself on your website builds a lot of trust with your clients and will help me to build the design, as I can see better who you are.

If you need help with your photography and are based in Ibiza (or ready to spend some time on this magical Island) check out my photography and video offers.
We do expect from you that you fill out the worksheets, questionnaires or agreed on open homework and send them through on time.
To book your spot on my calendar and commit to the work, a down payment is necessary.


You need a domain name and hosting service.

A domain name costs you about 10 – 15 Dollars a year and you need to renew it yearly.

A hosting service, is the online space where your website is hosted and online available 24 hours a day. There are different hosting services with different price points, but normally they range from around 70 – 120 Dollars a year depending on your choice.

I highly recommend investing and booking a professional photo session as it makes a huge difference and brings your personality into the project. I am happy to assist you with planning and finding someone in your area.


If you have some special wishes and ideas that you want to realize for your project, like a shopping cart, a quiz, a function to pick a custom card, a membership site or other custom functionality, contact me through my hire me form and we will discuss your project before I send you a custom quote.

Get a custom quote for your project


Yes, I am happy to help you with all kinds of additional graphic design work.


Reach out and share your request


Standard payment is 50% of the total fee before the start date of your project. If you are booking in advance, you’ll pay 25% as a non-refundable deposit to book your spot in my schedule and 25% by the start date. The remaining 50% is due before the site goes live.

In any case, I’m very open to set up an individual monthly payment plan for you that fits your needs, just contact me and I am sure we will find something that fits for both of us.

You can pay through bank transfer, Paypal or with your credit card through a service called Stripe.


If you decide to work with me, you will have the full package with the design and development and you don’t need to find your own developer and communicate your needs to him, I will take that over for you and make it easy on your part.

As a right-brained soulful and creative designer and visionary, code and development are not my strengths, but I have a good knowledge of what is needed and possible and I work closely together with my left-brained husband Jose who is my business partner who is specialized in WordPress themes and plugin development and am supported with my design work by my daughter Li Tara who has a sense for beauty and aesthetic.


What is custom WordPress development and why people could need it?

The functionality of your WordPress site is provided by the WordPress core and the plugins you have installed.
When a specific functionality is not provided by the WordPress core, you look for a plugin that can solve your problem.

On the market, you can find many WordPress plugins, but sometime it could happen that what you are looking for is not commercialized because your needs are too specific, or because it’s too difficult to create a plugin with the required functionality that works for all the users.

Other times you find a plugin that is almost what you are looking for, but it misses something that you consider important.

In all these cases we will be happy to help you. Let us know your needs and we will make a price quotation based on your specific case.

If you need custom functionality that is not covered by WordPress plugins in the market, if you want to modify a plugin or your theme for your unique needs, or if you need to add something in the backend of your WordPress site, we are happy to help you.

Contact us here with your request


We love to support our clients with their custom membership sites and online courses.

With the development knowledge we have, we can create a membership site or online course that is tailored to you and your ideal client’s needs. We have our attention on the user experience and am able to support you in structuring, creating course materials, the automation for the enrolment process and any other functions you may need.

Every project is unique and if you are interested, we are really happy to be here for you and support you. Let’s connect, get to know each other and from there we will both decide if working together would feel right for both of us.

Let's discuss your request


I’m very happy to answer you any open questions!


  • WordPress Webdesign and development
  • WordPress course and membership setup
  • Salespage design
  • Shop and blog design and setup
  • Newsletter setup and design
  • Branding, logo, and graphic design
  • Oracle card design and setup
  • Photography art direction
  • Soulful coaching and mentoring

Are you ready to unravel one layer after the next to allow divine guidance, let your soul’s light shine, calm the voice in your head and trust in being able to take the aligned next step on your path?

  • When building my website, I was searching for someone who could capture and represent the soul of my business. I am so grateful to have found Eos! During our first discovery call, I could immediately sense that she understood the essence of what I wanted, and I felt confident in her ability to execute it. Her gentle guidance and thoughtful questions really helped me gain clarity and define my business goals. Eos explained how our websites are a reflective container for our business that can be accessed at any time or place. As a result, as soon as my website went live, I received a flood of new clients, with no advertising at all! It was like the process of building it, along with having a website that represented the authentic expression of my work allowed the energetic floodgates to open.

    I cannot recommend Eos enough for website design & for business mentoring as well. She is a deeply intuitive, magical, creative being, and your investment with her will be worth so much more than you can ever imagine.

    Dione Gadler
  • I found Eos when I was at a crossroads. I was overwhelmed with ideas and didn’t know how to proceed with my business. As a multipassionate creative entrepreneur I could see how all the paths were connected but I just couldn’t convey it. Eos not only helped me get to the core of my message, she also assisted me in unlocking potential in areas I was stuck. Her centered presence and compassionate delivery helped normalise my process and for that I am eternally grateful.

    She understood my vision and created a product that I absolutely adore. It’s elegant and playful. Eos channeled my energy and suggested a tagline that really works for me; Be led by joy – and that’s what I do. Since working with Eos I have become an international bestselling author, I have been cast in phenomenal theatre productions and I am booked to teach and run workshops in festivals, conferences and universities. It’s all aligning and making perfect sense, working with Eos has been a central part of that path. If you’re a soulful entrepreneur – Eos is the one to go to.

    Lexie Koren
    Be Led by Joy
  • Working with Eos is a process, it is a journey of discovery.
    You don‘t pay for a homepage, you invest in yourself.
    Eos is your guide and your expert who will guide you with love, compassion and expertise through the process. Whenever I felt blocked she offered me tools to overcome them and to get into a deeper connection with my essence which is mirrored in my Homepage.
    Eos feels you on a deep level and therefore she is a skilled interpretor of your wishes. My Homepage transports my message and my vision. Thanks to Eos I am ready to shine my light and share it with the world.

    Maria Töpfer
  • Working together with Eos for my new business and website was the best decision ever!
    Eos isn’t only a highly creative mind with brilliant graphic and aesthetic skills, she also has the ability to hold space for the whole process in a way that is so profoundly healing and really transforms and brings to light everything that wants to evolve and shine. She has unique listening abilities and walks right beside you with so much grounding and loving energy that enables you to trust the process fully and deeply. Her way to help you build your dream business and a website step by step is so crystal clear that you can walk steadily and always stay connected to your purpose. Her work is highly professional in every way.
    I love my new website! It’s stunningly beautiful and technically impeccable.
    I recommend working with her in every area on every level – she is an outstanding and very professional mentor in all of her work, and she really can help you make your dreams come true!

    Romy Day
    High Frequency Mentorcoach
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Changing the world starts within you.


The expression of our unique soul essence is a birthright for everyone of us and by shining your light you allow those around you to open their hearts and shine their light as well.

Start with the first step towards clarity and intention and apply now for your free discovery call.

You are worth it.