Free daily planner: Make magic and a peek into how I spend my mornings

The full moon in Sagittarius today (my zodiac sign!) and the beginning of a fresh month made me revisit my intentions, goals and dreams for this year, so I can release what I don’t need anymore and become lighter.
To adjust what isn’t relevant anymore, see what still fits and where I came off track.
My word for the year is FOCUS and it sometimes is difficult to get the things done that are really important to me, just like blogging and share from the heart here in this space.
Having so many different things to juggle sometimes seems to pull me in all different directions and when I am not aware my day just flies by in an instant. Washing clothes, running errands, cooking nourishing and healthy food for my two daughters and being present with them when they come home from school, passing through the house with the vacuum cleaner, walking with our three dogs and my own goals and bigger vision just get postponed from one day to the next.
Do you know this feeling?
Focus seemed the right word to get all this little things back into balance and it’s still a work in progress, adjusting every moment and improving here and there.

I managed to write a first draft of my book using the first half hour every morning before I start working for my clients and my rule was to open the document and just show up. This habit of showing up payed out very soon and I got used to that it’s better to use this time in a productive way, create content and get into the process of writing.

The only time you have to make a change and sail your ship into your desired direction is the present moment, taking one little baby step towards what you want and the life of your dreams, helps you to get closer towards it.

Last week I asked for inspiration on Instagram to hear the morning rituals of others and loved the answers and inspiration I got from there. Go figure and add your ideas, it was on this picture.
I already read the book: “What successful people do before breakfast” Sometimes last year and loved the creative live workshop from Laura Vanderkam on the same subject. It got me thinking and slowly built one habit after the other in my days inspired from this.
Habit and changes need time to grow, you can’t change who you are and what you do from one moment to the other, but you can slowly work towards what you want and envision who you want to be to then grow into this vision and version of yourself.

Right know I am tracking again my time over one week to really evaluate and see in which times I am most or less productive and to adjust again my routine and structure to my days that most supports this natural flow of my life rhythm.

If I plan out, focus and stay present in what I am doing, time seems to expand for me.

I love mornings! The book: “A year of mornings” inspired me to really savour this energy when everyone in our home is still sleeping. The fresh morning air streaming into the dump room. Lilacs and peonies on my desk that wrap everything into a sweet fragrance. The birds chirping their songs on the trees outside. A blanket wrapped around me and a warm coffee in my hands.

This seems the time of unlimited possibilities, the time where everything could get achieved and you have the whole day before you to make a difference, both in your life and in that of your loved one around you.

vision and misson soulful webdesign daily planner free

Spending more mornings like this, was and still is my goal.
Right now, my start of the day looks somehow like this: I get up at 5 am in the morning, tap slowly into the kitchen and make a cup of warm coffee.
I then open the windows and make myself cozy in my studio, wrapped in a blanket to protect me from the fresh morning air, hot coffee in one hand, my book in the other one, and curled near my feet at least one dog.
After reading for about 30 minutes I write morning pages in which I include everything that moves me, what I am grateful for, often I pull a tarot card for the day to reflect on in my writing and at the end of my words, I set my intention for the day ahead.

Then comes my time to fill out the daily planner I teased you already in the beginning. Let me explain to you how I use this plan to make my day magical:

– My Intention: This is the mood and intention for my day. It often is a mantra or prayer I carry around for me for this day, depending on what I need right now. Sometimes I need roots and other times I long for wings.

– Body, mind, and soul: I believe that self-love and care are the roots and foundation for a fulfilled and happy life and business. It’s the foundation to build on.
I try to balance all my layers, building pleasure into every day, and having one little action for every of the three of them helps me to take the time for me in between lots of other things.

– 3 most important tasks: I believe in the power of a short and doable to-do list. It is so rewarding and motivating for the next day when you are able to check off the list of everything you put on there. It calms your mind and makes you feel accomplished if you set yourself just three most important tasks and follow through.
Following through and doing everything you planned to do makes you confident and productive for the next day. Make your steps as actionable and break them down as much as you can, this cuts out overwhelmed and makes it easy to start, even if you don’t feel like doing it firsthand. Once started you often get into the flow and enjoy the process.

– Daily routine: Here I put in habits I want to do every day. Things that are important for my overall well-being, just as moving, eat fruits and greens, cleaning and tidying our apartment.
Figure out what is important to you and what you need. For me having a clean and tidy apartment makes all the difference in my day, it’s an essential need, and doing just ten minutes of housework here and there does all the trick.

– Notes: I left this open, so it is totally up to you for what you use it. You could use this section for many things, depending on your life and business. Like a meal plan, your upcoming to-do’s, appointments, a list of what you are grateful for and so many other things.
Right now I use this section for upcoming client work, but let it open to change in the future.

– Your core values: It’s essential for me that all the little moments and big decisions are connected with what I really want in life and having this words that lead me through my days really are such a precious tool to stay true and authentic towards what I want and what feels good.
My core values are: soulful connection, authenticity and holistic beauty. I’d love to hear in the comments section what your core values are, feel free to share them with me.

I’m more than happy to share this planner as a printable and fillable pdf for you and hope you can weave some magic into your days as well.

I decided to give it to you as a free download, no strings attached, no email address in exchange, just click on this link and download it, if you decide that you like it and want to use it to plan your day.
In this time internet is so full of possibilities and in every corner is someone offering some gold for free, this is one more thing that pulls us in all different direction and away from our own unique expression, but this is a topic for one of the next coming blogposts.

Click here to download the free daily planner

free planner pdf fillable eos koch

So grateful that you are here, reading my words and I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message and share with me how you plan your days. What is your morning ritual? What energizes you and how do you find focus and time to do what you really want?

8 thoughts on “Free daily planner: Make magic and a peek into how I spend my mornings

    1. Eos

      Dear Tiffany,

      So happy that you love the planner and will use it!
      This are the most beautiful headphones, I’m sure you love them as much as I do!

      Wishing you a beautiful day
      Love and Light

  1. Chantal

    Hi Eos – I have come across your site from the BEBH course – and its gorgeous !! I love your inspired natural ways – and your spirit of generosity and gratitude are seeped throughout your site. Just beautiful !! Thanks so much for the planner (and I have done your brand quiz too….classical style I am!!). I will come back and see more of what you have done. Thanks so much for expressing so much of you….its gorgeous ! x

    1. Eos

      Dear Chantal,
      So happy to read your comment and such a beautiful feedback!
      This makes my day!
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend
      Love and Light

  2. Christina

    Thank you dear Eos for this wonderful post and planner. I use a similar sheet, I have one for the morning and one for the evening. I love the fact that you integrate your core values, a good way to always come back to what’s really the essence of all that we do. I will definately integrate that into my planner. sending you much love, and can’t wait for your book!

    1. Eos

      Happy you like my planner and love the idea to have one for the morning and one for the evening!
      I journal a lot and just write freehand what comes to mind, but really love the idea of being guided. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!
      My book is taking shape, slowly but steady, one little baby step after the next.
      Wishing you a beautiful evening!
      Love and Light

  3. Jutta

    Hi Eos
    what a wonderful article! I so relate to everything you are saying. And in future, I will think of you when getting up at 5 to do pretty much the same things you are doing (just have some yoga thrown in there too). Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog today, got me to visit you and I really like it here!
    Lots of love

    1. Eos

      Thank you for coming over here and leaving me some kind words!
      I love your videos on blog and always enjoy your newsletter coming into my mail box!
      You are an inspiration for me! Love your free spirit and sharing from the heart!
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend
      Love and Light

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