Video tutorial on how to make a mood board with the free online program canva

Knowing who we are is the first step in building a brand and business based on you and your strengths. As a solopreneur your strength is to just be who you are, share your story and communicate your believes and vision. Visual images are an easy way to make others feel who we are and what our brand is all about. Communicating with the right mix of images all put together in one mood board helps you to communicate your values in a very fast way and without using a lot of words. Your clients need feelings and emotions from you, to be ready to work together with you. Features and dry information is not what makes them decide for you over your competitors, it’s all about their gut and how they feel about your services and products. At the same time, vision boards can be a powerful tool to hold your vision and for change. I am a very visual person, I usually think in images instead of words. Being constantly around so many different languages for sure influenced me. I was born near the border to Germany in Switzerland and my mother tongue is Swiss German. My husband is Italian and we lived in Turin for about 5 years, since two years ago now we came back to live in Switzerland, but just in the opposite side of the country. We live near the France in the part of Switzerland where everyone speaks French. Deciding for a fourth language for my little brand and business wasn’t the easiest, but I know that open minded people all over the world speak English and I love to be open to work and connect soulful with them.

Having a vision starts with an intention.

You need to define your why so that it makes sense for you to follow and take aligned action. When we moved from Italy back to Switzerland, we had a very strong why that gave us the drive to really take this brave step and let everything we build behind us. Our reason was, that we wanted a different lifestyle. We were tired to hear about the crisis every time we stepped out of our home and on every corner. We wanted a stable future for our two growing up daughters. Our intention was to change our lifestyle. In our transition time i collected images for our future home, our relationship, our lifestyle and the change and growth for my business. This images became my rock and my guide in difficult times. I had this board that immediately evoked all the feeling I was carving for the future and could visit it in my daydreams over and over. I make mood and vision boards for all kind of things, personal and business related. I make them for my home, my studio, my clothing style, my relationship with my family, our lifestyle, my brand, my business, every project I work on with clients starts with a mood board and my new coffee table book about soulful and holistic branding and business I am writing, which will be full of mood boards and inspiration how you can integrate your values into your brand and business. Pinterest is a great place to start finding inspiring images, look out for texture, pattern and colors you like and bring together in one place all that visually speaks to you. Let me show you how you can do your own vision board with an easy and free graphic service called
Printing out my mood and vision boards really makes my intention tangible and brings my vision into reality. I’d love to see the vision and mood boards you make and hope you will share them with me, post them on your blog and link to it in the comments section or post on Instagram and tag it with #visionmoodboard and mention @eoskoch so I can see your creations! Wishing you a beautiful day and if you want to stay connected in the future and get my next blogpost in delivered into your mail box, subscribe to my newsletter and join the magic of finding your values and be who you are.

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