5 steps to get your ideas out of your mind and into words

Do you know this feeling when you have an idea or concept in your head, but don’t find a way to share it?

Maybe you want to write a blog post, copy for your website or in an email, but every time you sit down and want to start, you just don’t find the words and it seams that you don’t find a way to take your idea out of your head and wrap words around it. In a way that what you write makes sense to those who read it. I get this feeling, I’m a very visual person, I like to tell stories with images, style and photography. Words can sometimes feel scary and overwhelming. Having a website, you just need to produce content and write copy. Using your own words, your style and your voice connects you also on a deeper level to your audience, which then builds trust and is the foundation for any next step in your relationship. If something feels not aligned in the guts of your readers, they will not be ready to invest into your offer or product, be it time, money or attention. I will share the steps I take to refine my ideas and share them through words. outline-ideas-out-of-your-mind-and-into-words-Eos-Koch-webdesign-schweiz-small-business

1. Infuse the intention

Know why you want to share something. What makes it valuable and what do others need to know. How do you feel about this idea or project and what is the value that it holds. What is a story or experience out of your life that fits with your idea? Which path leaded you there?

2. Take it out of your head

Record it with your cellphone or computer as an audio and just bring everything out of your head. Birth it into reality and just go with the flow, just let it out without being afraid if it is complete, this step is just about taking it out from your head and onto a recorder.

3. Structure your recording

Start analyzing your recorded audio. How could you structure the parts together? What fits with what? How can you build a story? What are the key points? Mike a mind map, outline or rough structure to help you organizing your thoughts and bring them together in a way that makes sense for others. See what you need to add to create a flow and what information your readers need to understand what you want to tell them.

4. Know for who you write

Knowing the very person you speak towards really helps you to have a coherent voice and really is what makes all the difference in the emotional connection. If you know who this person is, you can fill in the gaps, and structure your article, copy or content in the following shape:
  • Emotion: Evoke emotions and find a way to connect with her in a way that she doesn’t only get information, but in a way that she really feels what you want to communicate.
  • Information: Give her all you want to share and she needs to know. Think about what information she needs to understand what you want to share with her.
  • Action: Help her to see the next possible step. Whats next and how can you lead her in way that feels good for her and helps her on her own path.

5. Release and share

It’s not about perfection and all about expression, connection and sharing from the heart. Every time you write something that you then share, is one step ahead on your path. Only by putting yourself out there and opening up, you can create soulful relationships with others. I hope this helps you to find words for your ideas and getting them out of your head onto paper. tell-your-story-content-markting-storytelling