Infusing your life and business with pleasure and beauty + free guidebook

Holistic beauty is one of my core values. I explored many layers around beauty and discovered how essential it is to me to be surrounded and nourished by beauty and pleasure.
Holistic beauty for me was the core value that I found last on my journey. I feared that beauty was something superficial and I felt that my work was deep and sacred.
Allowing myself to be all of me, is so healing. I am attracted by beauty since I am a little girl. I am in love with flowers and nature and grew up in nature close to the woods and a little stream in Switzerland. Thanks to my parents I explored different cultures and the beauty of our planet earth from a really young age. I travelled through the desert Sahara when I was just three years old and even though I don’t remember those time consciously, it made me into who I am today and imprinted beauty into my soul.
Creating physical spaces of beauty as an expression of who we are in the inside and creating energetic spaces of beauty through my work as a web designer, photographer and coach.


If I lose the connection to beauty,
I lose my pleasure of doing my work.


When I started with creating websites as a freelancer and 21-year-old mother of a 2-year-old, I thought it was all about the practicality. My clients expected me to deliver a finished website that looks professional and there was no space for beauty on my part. I felt uninspired and started to ask myself if it wouldn’t be easier to just work for someone else, as creating my own business asked so much more from me then just doing the work of creating the websites, but there was the marketing, finding new clients and creating a structure for my business to grow.
Between when I really started to break through with the business I have today together with my husband and those first experiences of being a web designer was a special time of discovering beauty and pleasure and what those mean to me. A time of discovering how my core values lead me like a Northstar and a time to reconnect with my intuition not only as a mother but to be guided in my business.
Being connected to my intuition in the way I grow my business is what did lead me to give myself permission to infuse beauty in my life and work and make pleasure a big part of what I do. Following beauty and pleasure in whatever I do it unlocked a way to feel totally okay with my own path and helped me to stop looking for the answers outside of me, but finding them through inquiry inside of me.
Creating sensual and earthly experiences in creating an environment of beauty and being fulfilled with feelings that feel good. Integrating those desires into my life and business and not locking them behind a glass door in a cabinet, is what supported me in telling my story in a way that feels aligned and guides me in creating a business that nourishes and inspires me every day.
If you are hungry for beauty, you will find yourself often doing distracting and meaningless things, like surfing around the internet or on social media, seeking for the beauty of others or trying to please and fulfil outside expectations or the standards from someone else.
If you give yourself what you desire, make yourself feel the way you want to feel and surround yourself with beauty, you create the space for expression and a fertile soil to share from. Your inspiration overflows and you inspire yourself and through your own inspiration you start to share, express and shape the story of who you are.
The time of the moon cycle where the moon is waning and going from the full illuminated moon towards the new moon and into the dark is a time of integration and healing. It is the perfect time to nourish ourselves and to fill our own tank with beauty. This is a time to anchor our learnings and create space to be.
I don’t believe that there is one right way to infuse beauty and pleasure into your life and business. It is a journey to discover what beauty means to you, to explore what brings you pleasure and lights you up.
yourself space and time to just be.
Working from home and together with my husband, it has become essential for my wellbeing to have blocked time in my schedule that is only for me. I do block some regular times in the morning and evening that I have for myself. I make space to journal, to read, to check in with what I need and ask myself what I am longing for and I also plan some days and sometimes a full week where I have all the time to myself without interruptions. Protected spaces like this do give me the freedom of flow and nourish me on a soul level and when I come back to the more structured work, I find ways of letting those energies of beauty flow and weave into my work and let myself do the tasks that need to get done and the actions I want to take in an inspired way and in alignment.
Creating beauty for me means having a dedicated space and surroundings that inspire me. Buying myself fresh flowers, burning incense and turning on a playlist that aligns me with the work I want to do.
I create a physical space for my mental work. I start my work by lighting a candle, I prepare a cup of coffee or I do a check in to create a clear intention on how I want to feel while I work on something.
There are no rules in this, you can create and shape this, however, it feels good to you. Allow yourself to be playful and try out what is feeling good and what inspires you.
Are you curious to discover how you can make space for beauty and pleasure in your life and business?
I created a worksheet for you to be inspired and create your own list of things that feel aligned with you and lighten up your soul.
Give yourself the permission to do things in a way that feels aligned, soulful, pleasurable and infused with beauty.
I’d love to hear more about your journey and invite you into my Aurum Membership.

2 thoughts on “Infusing your life and business with pleasure and beauty + free guidebook

  1. Danielle Gardner

    So much juicyiness here Eos. It’s been so true for me that when my day to day work is absent of beauty and pleasure I unconsciously seek it out elsewhere like in aimless Facebook scrolling or food. I can now identify these as cues to invite the pleasure and beauty in.

    1. Eos

      Thank you Danielle for your lovely words.
      Yes, I feel the same and noticing those kinds of “distractions” can be the perfect trigger to adjust direction.

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