Birthing your own modalities instead of fitting into the forgiven ones

On our journey to become and be soulful entrepreneurs, so many of us do feel inspired to grow and learn new techniques and modalities, but not always do they fit into our big picture and sometimes we feel like we have to decide between the different passions, strengths and skills we have.
I believe in making those modalities and techniques fit you and not the other way around. I believe that whatever your passions or modalities you learned are, there is a way to integrate them and bring them together.
I also believe that whatever technique or strategy you desire to use it is really important that you adapt the technique in a way that the technique fits you and don’t adapt your work and expression to fit into the technique. I know that this isn’t always easy, there are lots of reasons that could hold us back from doing this and I do know it from my own experience that it is a process that you can start right now and I can promise you that if you take the decision, put the seedling into the soil and follow your heart and soul, you will move towards creating a business and life where you bring all of you and your soul, this opens the space for you to be unique and server from a place of depth and connection.
If you don’t 100% believe into the modality or technique you teach you will hold yourself (subconsciously) back from growing and being visible, which means you don’t serve at the level you could serve.
Your clients are looking for transformation, growth and solution for their own and unique problems and your business should be a container for the desired outcome of your clients, which is so much more valuable if you bring all of you which is a mix of your strengths, skills and techniques and create offers from a place of experience and embodiment.
Modalities are only tools that help you to support your clients from where they are to where they want to be.
I believe that if we blend, mix and match all of our passions and techniques and do everything we love, we can bring so much more value and on a deeper level as if we just pick one thing and stick with it.

Don’t choose one or the other path, but create a third path that incorporates both of those paths and all your strengths, passions, skills and believes that make you into who you are.

Bringing everything of us acts like a filter that helps us to attract the clients and people that believe what we believe and are interested in working with us out of who we are and not what we do. Incorporating techniques in our own and unique way will repel everyone that isn’t a good fit for you. Choosing to be you, show who you are with all of you helps you to stand out and create offers that are unique to your clients and fulfilling to you.
Lot’s of us are multi passioned, I know that I am and with the internet and online courses and classes on our fingertips, it is so easy to collect new strategies, learn new things and gather information, but it is so important that we go out into the world and try our ideas out.
That we birth them from our mind into the physical expression, through creating the experience of how it feels like in your body. This is when you start to feel what of a technique or modality fits you, what isn’t a good fit at all and what you need to adapt.
Growing a business is really a process and you can’t figure it all out in your head. The doing will bring you the clarity on how you can bring your modalities together, what you like from each of those and where you find similarities. You will get feedback that helps you to find out what people most love about your work and this feedback helps you to see yourself with a new perspective.
My journey wasn’t linear at all, but looking back, I do see so clearly how my core values were guiding me through every modality, technique, interest and skill I tried out and how they do bring the different aspects of my current work together.
When my first daughter was born 14 years ago, I started creating and designing websites. I had a certification and did it exactly the way I learned it. I got bored really fast and the work felt dull and liveliness to me. I desired more creativity, expression and freedom and my belief then was, that I could find this only in other aspects of my passions and out of this I created first an Etsy shop where I sold handmade custom kids clothes and later jewellery designs.
Following what I loved and being brave to try out different directions is what helped me to see what is important to me and bringing together everything I love doing and leaving away everything that doesn’t light me up.

This also really naturally brought my creative and soulful work together with the technical and strategic thinking and talent of my husband. Doing each of us what we are best in and enjoy doing and supporting each other in a supplementary way in the work we do wasn’t a decision we took with our head but it grew and shaped itself through taking inspired action.

My work now is a mix of branding, photography, web design and my own and unique way of coaching. Those different aspects and pieces merged and blended together in ways that nourish me and my clients and my work is not about those, but about what is behind and the transformation, growth and journey we move towards when working together. I support women entrepreneurs to find what they love, bring their modalities, techniques and strengths together, express their truth, infuse soul and energy into their business and online presence and support them to tell their visual story.


Working with my clients I often feel as if I hold a big bowl for them and in this bowl, we collect all of who they are in their life and business. We envision and collect all of who they want to be and find ways of how we can incorporate this future version of them in a way that feels aligned and where we can already be that desired version of ourselves. This bowl is a safe vessel to collect their desires, visions, skills, strengths, truth, modalities and whatever needs space in there.
Once we have all the pieces, we start to bring them into order, like creating a mandala together that is an expression of who they are.
This is a process of co-creation. It’s a process that will go ahead and shape and change as you grow and shape and change.


Accepting that this is a journey and process, starting from where you are with what you have to bring together all of your passions, modalities and skills will support you in shaping and birthing your own modality that supports you to do work that feels in alignment and is an expression of your soul.
All you need to do is to give yourself permission to create and act on your ideas and inspiration, to feel into what feels right to you and you enjoy doing and what doesn’t and follow that one decision at the time. Be brave to change the perspective and explore how bringing together your modalities could look like or how your technique will be different if you make her your own.


Everything you need is already inside of you,
you don’t need to add more from the outside, be brave to let fall away what is filling up space so you can express yourself as who you are.

2 thoughts on “Birthing your own modalities instead of fitting into the forgiven ones

  1. Ginger Henson

    The Divine in me is so good. I am so incredibly grateful that you somehow appeared in my life today out of nowhere. Your feed, your goddess soul, everything is amazing. I am honoring my hearts Divine call, unveiling the deepest depths of my soul. I love that you so authentically are living your path! This post really speaks to me and the fact that we are multi-dimensional and we should use all of these parts of us. I have been told and told and told that I have too many talents, I do too may different things and that will come off as flaky. My heart told me “If Martha Stewart can create an empire with all these different creative things, than why cant you?” She was a huge inspiration to me and I am so grateful she showed us ALL of the things we could do! And now here you are, a manifestation an embodiment of woman who offers the multi-avenues of her soul to live authentically and serve others while providing an abundant life for her family! Thank you sistar! I too am creating this life. This is the kind of life I want to live. Namaste .xo Ginger

    1. Eos

      Thank you for your beautiful words Ginger and sending you all the love and courage to walk your own path of beauty and authenticity.
      With Love,

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