How photography can help you grow in your business

Today I want to share a little bit with you about how a photo shoot can help you grow in your business.


Yesterday I did a photo shoot and we had a beautiful, beautiful day together, me and my photographer. I still have my flower crown from yesterday, so I thought, let’s do a video with the flower crown, as I love them.

I was very emotional about being seen and about stepping in front of the camera. As a photographer myself, I know that there are all kinds of emotions coming up for every one of us. They are not the same for each of us, but it’s always a bit like showing up, making ourselves seen, and allowing us to be seen in a beautiful way.

A lot of the time what we feel inside and how we then look when we have a photo of us is not so current as we would like it to be. To be really authentic and who we are in front of the camera, if we find a photographer we trust that has a style of photography that really fits together with our branding, we can really just relax.

During the photo shoot what I did yesterday was really focus on opening my heart, focus on feeling relaxed and at peace with myself, and aligned and centred in who I am, and just being me, trying to be in front of the camera as I would be if I would spend a day without a photographer.

I think in any case, I didn’t have the photographs back, I had little glimpses behind the camera, but I don’t know how they look. It helped me to grow and expand in a beautiful and gentle way. Before the photo shoot, I really had a look at my life. Do I really want my home to be seen like that? How do I want to be seeing myself with who I am? Is it okay for me to be seen like that? Is it the right message for my clients? Do I want to live like that? Is it aligned with my values?

I think for a website, photography is such a huge part. Without beautiful photography or stock photography, the website doesn’t have this real depth and authenticity, so I really suggest to start looking around in your area for photographers. How many styles do they have? Which photographs do you like? It can be a very short portrait session, it just haven’t to be in multiple places and locations with multiple outfits, it can just be that you start very little, and if you need any help or if you have any questions, ask me in the comments, and I’ll be happy to help you.

This is why I think a photo shoot really helps to grow, to up level and to expand a little more, because we are more seen through photos, and we see ourselves and have a reflection of how others see us.

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