Connect soulfully with your ideal client

Today I want to share with you how to connect on a soulful level with your ideal client, and how to really tune into her and her energy.

I think the basis of your business to shape your offers is really knowing who your perfect for you client is, and really knowing it from your perspective, your heart, and deciding, who is this perfect person I want to work with? What are the characteristics she has?

For me, I really love to work with open minded people because they are open to new ideas, and they want to try out and flow together. They don’t want to follow strict masculine structures, but they want to expand and become who they are.

I think the easiest and fastest way to do that is to go out of your head and drop into a soul level to reach a deeper connection to her, and to do this I have my own method. I go into Pinterest or I take a magazine and cut out images that really reflect to make a collage. I mostly work with Pinterest and then print a mood board out, and from there I connect with her.

On my mood boards, there is a beautiful woman with a bicycle, because I know she appreciates the beauty of nature, and she is very conscious about how our world grows in a sustainable way with a beautiful future for our children. I have an image of her journaling, because I know she wants to go deeper, she wants to unroll and she wants to be seen and heard as who she really is, so there is some soul work for her.

She loves flowers because beauty and aesthetics and beautiful branding is such a huge part in my business. If I have this image, these mood boards, I have a mood board of my ideal client, and before a client call or before writing an email, I can have a glimpse at my mood board and connect with her. I have this instant connection through the image because I’ve already opened up all the feelings and I dropped into my heart space to get to know her really closely.

From there I really feel that the person I talk to or the person I write an email to is like this perfect client and is a perfect fit for me. It doesn’t help either of us if we work together if it’s energy draining.

Ask yourself, how does she live?
What are the important things in her life?
What does she love doing?
What does she do in her free time?
What does she do in her business time?
What things light her up and make her shine?


I hope this has helped and you now have an idea of how you can connect soulfully with your ideal client. If you have any questions, I am really happy to answer them, just reach out and I am here for you or join us in the Aurum Membership.

Have a beautiful day.

With Love,