Who you are + Your ideal client = Your offerings

I want to share with you today how you and your ideal client equal your offerings, and how there really is just an easy magical formula that you can use if you don’t know what you’re offering or what your package should include.

Who you are, your core values, your lifestyle, your strengths and the one part of what makes you unique is half of your offering. The other part is really your ideal client, what she seeks and what she’s looking for, and what she wants and needs. Really the offering is like the middle part of these two circles that overlap in the middle, and it should help her to guide her, and you check in with her.

Where is she now
and where does she want to be?


If you’re offering web design like me, right now she doesn’t have a website and her goal is to have a website. What does she need on the road from starting out without a plan, what does she need to do? What are the steps in between? How can I integrate my unique strengths and bring them together with my ideal client?

The more you get to know her, her vision, her desires, her intentions, and her fears, the easier it will become to really make up an offer with lots of different steps and lots of guidance and help that really fits and helps her, so you can truly, deeply serve from the heart, doing what you love.

If you have any questions, reach out and send me a message or I would love to connect with you in the Aurum Membership.

With Love,