Together we rise: Interview with Susanne Christiansen

Together we rise is an interview series where we connect with soulful women entrepreneurs so we can share our journeys, see what it really takes and learn from each other.

  • Who is Susanne (1:45 min)
  • What her business is about and her experience of the Soulful Website Academy (3:06 min)
  • What inspired her to start her Soul Jewel Project and how this connects with her experience of being a teacher and seeing the need for a new way of learning for our children (8:07 min)
  • Susanne reveals her superpower and what she is really good in (13:35 min)
  • Her wish for her business (14:55 min)
  • What inspired her to create a website and how the journey looked and felt like for her (18:44 min)
  • How the world needs connection and is changing (25:55 min)
  • What difference she could witness in her business having a website for her project (30:47 min)
  • Where she sees herself in 10 years from now (38:55 min)
  • She shares her daily practice to come back to herself (40:11 min)

Susanne Christiansen

Susanne Christiansen is a teacher. In her Soul Jewel Project she supports Parents with their children through a journey of rekindling creativity and healing trauma.

Find her website at: