Spirit animals as guides for your business

Animals all have their own and unique characteristics and are such powerful guides that help us to see beyond the obvious layers or can guide us through the energy patterns in our projects.

I have an animal guide me through my own projects and their messages support me in trustfully move forward in my life and business.

Spirit animals
as guides in your business

I’d love to hear if you have an animal that guides you in your business or life. For me, one strong mentor through my whole life was the deer. So much about this gentle and loving energy with the strong connection to the heavens and at the same time groundedness of the woods reflects me and my work.

What animal do you connect with?

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Wishing you a blissful and grounded day.

With Love,

4 thoughts on “Spirit animals as guides for your business

  1. Angela Moonan

    Hello Eos, Thank You for your lovely video about guidance from Spirit animals. I am always wide awake receiving what I need in the moment from the beautiful creatures I encounter. I love the deer as well and have found it means different things to me at different times of the year, as well as whether there is one deer, several, or many. Right now I’m especially inspired by birds, particularly small ones. They’re so incredibly delicate and fragile, and yet to see how they fly and navigate incredible storms, dynamics so vast around them. They’re so tiny in this great big world and yet significant in their own right. That’s beautiful to me. With Gratitude, Angela

    1. Eos

      Hi Angela,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and so true that animals can mean different things depending on when and where we encounter them.
      Birds are such happy little creatures so lovely to hear that they inspire you.
      Wishing you a blissful day
      Love and Light

  2. Sofia

    I absolutely LOVE this idea ! It’s so nice that you incorporate this into our work, as it’s so important for me to honour this spiritual side of myself. Thank you for showing me the way ! I’ve always been attracted to cats since I was very little and later in life I dreamt of lions a lot, and a shaman told me it was my spirit animal. I also have an affinity for a black songbird who appears and I feel communicates with me when I’m making difficult transitions in life.

    1. Eos

      Thank you for sharing! So happy to hear that this was helpful to see how you can use the spirit animals in your business growth and building journey Sofia and love to hear of your majestic spirit animal companion the lion.

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