First step to clarity for financial freedom

Money is such an important topic in business, it’s at the heart of building a foundation that is sustainable and supports you in creating a lifestyle where you can have ease and freedom to follow your desires and nourish your core values.

I am in general not motivated by money in my business and therefore had to really learn to find ways to balance the energy of inflow and outflow.

My motivations are love, soulful connection and growth. I am motivated by serving, by holding space for growth for others, by sharing my own experiences to help others to create a life they love and by following my heart to create a life I love for myself and my loved ones.

What really helped me is, to feel how making money is amplifying my ability to serve, having enough to fulfill my desires creates the foundation for me to hold space to others in an expansive and open way.

Financial freedom is one part of my vision for my future and for the future for my daughters. Being financially free means that the money that you make (passive income) is the same or higher as the money you need to live your life and cover your expenses.

First step to
clarity for financial freedom
In this video, I share 3 simple exercises to help you to get some clarity on your numbers and a first taste on how the different stages of financial freedom could look like for you.

Make some space for yourself and the future version of who you want to be. Take some time to journal. Step into the vision of your ideal day and answer the following questions:

  • What is your minimum monthly expense and therefore income you would need to be financially free?
  • What would be a really comfortable way of living? How much income would you need to bring in (passively) every month?
  • What is your luxury version of life and the lifestyle you would live if there would be no financial limits and what would the monthly income need to be?

Creating an online business is one of the possibilities to create passive income streams and it can all start with creating your website and getting clarity on your brand. I would love to invite you into the Aurum Membership where you find all the tools, exercises, and inspiration on creating the life and business that supports you in creating a life you love and building a business that totally supports you with this along the way.

With Love,