Holding yourself accountable as a small business owner

Consistency and doing the things we promise ourselves we will do are really at the root of sustainable growth.

There are so many things that can come up, create resistance and stop us in our tracks and most of them are not outside things, but our own limiting thoughts.

Finding ways of navigating those thoughts that will come up on our journey and holding ourselves accountable is something that can support you so much on your journey of building and creating a business.

yourself accountable
In this video, I share some inspiration on how I hold myself accountable and what you can do to follow through with showing up and doing the next step in your business.

So, take a moment and connect with one intention and thing you want to move forward with.

How can you create accountability?
Where can you share it in a way that helps you to bring consistency into your business?

If you are looking for connection and accountability join us in the Aurum Membership and share your insights, and ask your open questions.

With Love,