5 Tips to build your authentic website

Building a website that really shows who you are and what you stand for is sometimes challenging. It’s important to close the gap between the feeling you have how your site should look and how it actually looks. If you show yourself as you are, more clients that are aligned with you will be attracted, and your business will be full of pleasure and easier to manage.

There are a lot of difficulties along the way. It can happen that you just start to copy the style of others you admire, that you aren’t ready yet to truly show and share from your inside out who you are or that you just aren’t able to truly shine and express the best of you because you don’t know where to start.
Translating the real offline world into a surreal online world you try to have the control of how you want to be seen by others, and give the best impression. Your website is online 7 days a week for 24 hours a day. Without your real presence it is not so easy to communicate your emotions and feelings.

I like to share some tips I learned on my journey in building websites and brands.

1. Observe the offline world that is around you

The way you move, the words you say, the colors you choose for your clothes and surroundings are little things that define who you are. You often choose them unconsciously and aren’t aware how much they influence you, how near they are intertwined with how you feel.
The colors in your appartment make a huge difference in how you feel. There are colors that make raise your energy level and others that calm you down and bring balance.

Observe who you are in the real world. What words show your personality? What energy do you have when communicating with others? What’s your mood when you express yourself?
What colors do you wear often? What color does your favourite handbag have? Which color attracts you? What are the colors around you in your home?

2. Take the power in your own hands

We humans tend to limit our self, we just feel safer having boundaries. We build our own structures and sometimes we also give the power to someone else or claim the circumstances to push the responsibility ahead.
You can be whoever you strive to be. The little action steps into the direction you admire make a big difference.
Who do you want to be? How do you want to be seen from others?
What can you wear to be seen like this? Special accessories or colors that really underline this part of you? What can you bring into your home and life that makes you feel the way you want to be seen?
How can you move? Is there a pose that really reflects who you want to be?
Take the time to integrate as much as possible of these feelings into your life and they will become a natural part of who you are.

3. Create habits

It’s proofed that you need around 3 weeks to build an habit and in the beginning more willpower is needed to really convince yourself. To have a big goal is important to make you move the single little steps in the direction of your desire.
The starting as all the single steps should be little but decisive; when you will look all the steps together you will be impressed, but from a step to the other you should have achievable targets. Especially the starting should not struggle you too much thinking the hard final goal. Just take action and start your path. Once into the action you will start to feel the flow and if it really is the right thing for you, you will need always less willpower. If your path results different than you thought in the beginning you will correct it also taking in account the opportunities you will meet during your journey.
What is your big goal? How do you imagine your life to be in one year? What do you need to do regularly to arrive there?
How can you break this big thing in 5 to 10 minutes a day? What time in the day you will do what moves you forward?
Are you ready to commit?

4. Practice closes the gap

Everything you do regularly will become easier and natural for you, like learning to ride a bike or to walk when you was a toddler. The difficulties are before these experiences go inside your subconscious, what makes the difference between an expert and a beginner is the time choice of the giving up.
When you create and express yourself, your final product isn’t always as good as you have imagined.
Practicing and pushing ahead by going through the difficulties helps you closing the gap between what you create and the picture you have in your imagination.
Where are your gaps? What are the things that in your head seem to be perfect and then when they became real aren’t so good as you wanted them to be?
Just be patient and gentle with yourself, everyone that has a good style and taste went through a lot of practice, trials and errors.

5. Give yourself what you need

When your needs are filled up, you are ready to sparkle and share your special gift.
We all need attention, love and being seen. Sometimes it is very painful to feel alone, unloved and invisible and you try to make others responsible for this situation. Learning ways and little tricks how you can fill your energy tank up makes all the difference and brings your body, mind and spirit into balance.
Stop seeking this feelings and needs outside and around you and start to love yourself, care for you and your body and give yourself all the attention you need. See yourself and show to you who you are.
What makes you feel loved? How can you explore who you are?
Which situations make you feel special? Where do you feel it in your body?