3 secrets for an abundant lifestyle

I really know and experienced it on my own self, what we imagine to be already true, what we can already feel in our body to be true, will manifest itself from dream into reality, but I also know that everyone of us has it’s own way to open the door into this abundant style of life. I will share with you, in just a minute, my favorite way that works for me.


There are a lot of old clutter that can come on our way, when we visualize our future and what we desire in our life. Experiences from your past that you subconsciously learned in a certain way. Fixed mindsets we took from society, friends and family members.
How can you find where they are hidden in you?
You can feel them, you can feel in what parts of your life you are blocked. I suggest to go deeper writing on your journal and try just to find out what holds you back in this certain area.
Was your mother always acting a certain way and now that you are a grown up woman, you just stepped into her footpath?
Or does society just have this unspoken limitations that hold you back and does not make you shine your brightest light?
You want to be rich, but you think that rich people are heartless and cold. Your subconscious will never help you to really get all the money you crave, because you don’t want to be heartless and cold. You want to be loving and caring.
How can you change this believe? What could help you to see (and feel) that you can be rich, loving and caring all at the same time?
Maybe you want to set up a goal that helps you. Your goal could be that when you reach a certain level of income, you will give money for a good cause that feels true to you.
When you really want to be rich, you need to clear out all the other obstacles and work to the core. You need to define what does it mean to you, to feel rich.
It means for everyone something different. Try to imagine how your life would look. What would you do in your daily life? What would you have more in your life that makes you happy?
Feel it in your body and if there are coming up some difficulties which could make you hold back, unravel them and give you the permission to feel and be who you want.

We all have our wound points and we all have them in different areas.
Look back into your past, accept it in a loving way and see that it formed you into this wonderful being you are today. Look back with grace and commit on building your future in the best way you can.
Taking action with tiny little baby steps into the direction of becoming the highest vision you can imagine of yourself.



How can you find out what makes your dream future?
How do you know what you need in your life to be the best version of you?

Lets start with the core, it is how you want to feel.
What are the feelings you crave and enjoy? When do you forget the world and time around you and stay just in the flow?
I believe that material things and money alone don’t fulfill us.
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad in material things and they can be a vehicle and big help for us to manifest and attract certain feelings. If we feel happy when we create, the best way is to invest into lots of material so we can create freely. If your heart longs to travel, you need money to move from one point in the world to another one.
Money is a form of energy. It is not bad and not good, just neutral energy like a tool we have to become what we really want.
The new car you think will change your life is in the end just a vehicle that helps you to move from one point to the other and fill a longing for adventure. The bigger house is sometimes just a symbol of the status quo and not even what we really want.
Maybe what you really want is a protecting nest for your family, where you feel secure or a safe space to just be who you are and recharge your battery.
I know it for me, I crave a secure and safe space, full of light. It inspires me to create and be who I am. When we searched for a new home last summer, my priority was on the light and I really tried to feel the home. How does it feel to me to be in this space and live here?
A more fitted home can raise your vibration and bring you into a higher version of yourself. If you feel so much more abundant, living in your beautiful home, your body starts to vibrate this abundance with every cell and this magnetizes more abundance on all levels into your life.
The same feelings are magnetic for more, your body vibrates this feeling and calls with every cell that this is what you want.



Let me share the secret that helps me to manifest my dreams and make them a reality.

What you believe becomes true for you.

Everyone of us has it’s own truth, because we see the world from a different angle that depends by our experience and knowledge.
I looked at myself over years and saw the negative things of me, but all aspects of us are positive and negative at the same time, it depends by the angle we use to look at it. The magic happens when you reshape your reality and convert your initial weak side into stronger characteristic.

It is relaxing and beautiful to be who you are, to love and accept yourself in the way you are right now.
But it is also important to grow, expand and evolve.

What do you consider a weak point of you?
Pick just one thing at the time, don’t overwhelm you.

I suffered all my childhood and adolescence in having confidence in myself. I closed myself always a little more and since I felt that nobody understood me really, I started to think that there was something wrong with me and didn’t accept and loved who I was.

In my mid twenties, already married and pregnant with my second daughter I started to shift my point of view. I imagined to be a strong woman for my two daughters to give them a role model. Full of love, acceptance towards myself and confident.

To be this woman, I had to change the way I looked at myself.
I had to shift my mind and take little steps towards a loving relationship with my own self. I grow into a confident mother, woman and business owner. I am still growing, as all of us.

My favourite way to grow is, taking my vision into reality with help of visual affirmations.
I love to put my affirmation into something tangible that could be a piece of art I put on the wall near my computer, or a crystal that reminds me on how I want to feel. Sometimes I use essential oils that make my home smell in the feeling I want more and other times I buy fresh flowers to show love towards myself, they also are placeholder for abundance in my life.

What material things can help you remind who you want to be?
Try to surround yourself with them, infuse them the feeling you crave.
If you look, touch or smell them, they will recall these feelings.
Make your vision become tangible and make the feeling and craving become a reality.

If you doubt that it can work, it means that you doubt in your own self, you don’t trust in your own being and you doubt your superpowers!

Growing and evolving into a place of trust and infinite love helps us to stay in the universal flow and is the strong foundation, the fertile soil for our dreams.