Why failing is a good thing

Is there something in your life that you really would love doing? A big secret dream of how your ideal life would look? A vision of who you would be? Do you know what holds you back? What is it against your success? Maybe the pain you are afraid to feel in case you fail? The fear of loosing your vision? How do you feel if you are not able to express and do what you imagined in your head? It hurts to feel our boundaries and limitations. But is it worth it to just remain little and not shine our brightest light? Just because of the fear of what would happen if you would loose your dream? This dream you had inside you since you were a little girl. How does it feel to you, to live your life having a purpose? Where in your body do you feel this expansion? Wouldn’t it be very liberating if you could put away these fears and worries forever and remain in this feeling? I feel this strong passion and determination like waves in my body when I think about them, it is tickling in my thorax and expands in all parts of my body until the tips of my fingers and toes. I try to recall this feeling, when I feel stuck, it brings me back on track, it helps me to sail my ship into the direction of my dream future, even when I don’t know the next step to take, when I feel unsure, I just recall this feeling and stay with it for some moments. Find how this feeling for you, how do you describe it? Where do you feel it? The more you recall it, the easier and more familiar it will be. Just be gentle with your self. What would be the worst case if you take the next step? Is it really so bad, as your fear is big? Failure is what makes you grow, if you never fail, you hold yourself back from growing. You put yourself in a invisible cage and you don’t use your wings to fly. You will store your dreams, safely and secretly, in your imagination. You only access them at night when you are alone with yourself. You are here to change, right? So, it is important that you go ahead for your dreams. Put them into words, write your words down, make your vision tangible, figure out the steps you need to take to move closer to your goals. Just don’t let you hold back from the fear. Take the risk. Jump. Make your dream a reality. holistic growth for creative entrepreneur 3 important steps to take the way into your dream life:

1. Be yourself

Everybody says it, just be yourself and do it in the way that you consider right. But how do you know who you are? How can you separate the unique real part of you from that part that is just a copy of others? I believe that these parts blend together, we all are striving for the wholeness. You imitate others to feel if this could be your way, you join groups and you try to find sort of systems to shelve all your precious knowing. You are unique, just because you are. Even if we imitate others, we have always our own scent. You are you, even if you don’t realize it yet, because you can’t be anyone else, even if you try. Life is all about finding your style. Defining who you are and want to be. Shaping your thoughts in a way that they serve you in the best possible way.

2. Build strong roots

The roots are the ones that help you stay strong when there is coming up a blizzard and you world gets upside down. If you put some attention into curating a strong foundation, chances are good that with the next upcoming storm you will stay strong in the wind. You will remain centered, know who you are and be clear about your value. Love, value and acceptance towards our self is what makes this strong roots. Curate the relationship towards yourself. Love yourself! Accept who you are and give yourself the value like you give it to all others around you. You are worth!

3. Adjust direction and evolve constantly

We should never stop and think that we know it all. There is always so much more to figure out and learn. Life is such a beautiful ride and we are in the middle of it. Feel every moment on your skin, breath it deep inside your lungs and imagine your beautiful future. Aiming higher and higher, while remaining strong anchored. Stretching always a little outside our comfort zone. Flexible to change, open to learn and ready to trust. Commit today to your big dream. Say it out loud, what you really want, there is no wrong or right. Remember, failing is something very helpful to find our path, it is equally important to know what we don’t want, to find out what we really want and what feels right to us. vision-based-business-feminine-leadership