My vision and why I am doing what I do

Unfortunately, the world biggest companies are still more ruled with a yang and masculine energy. I believe that to bring freedom and balance to this world we need to bring the position on all levels in balance, the power should be distributed equally. The yang and yin energies should be in balance. The masculine energy is focused and strong. It is rigid and promotes a climate of competition. Don’t get me wrong, we need this, it’s all about clarity, focus and substance. We all have both feminine and masculin parts inside us. The feminine energy is different. We are strong. We are nurturing and we have the ability to gather individuals together and bring peace and balance. Just think about how it was in the past, men went out to hunt for the eating. They were focused and had their goal in mind. They couldn’t allow themselves to get distracted, or the family could not have to eat that day. Women instead were responsable for a lot of other things, they planned how to cook the venison that men would have brought home, where to eat it, what to eat together. How to share it so that everybody got enough. Today it shouldn’t be about the catch anymore, but in the high positions of our economy everybody is still trying to catch as much money as possible, often for the price of the whole planet. Sometimes for the price of freedom, life or happiness and mostly out of a place of egoism. But you know what, I think that to arrive there, at this peak of the economy, we can’t use the same path that men do. It isn’t a good way to just follow and use our elbows to go ahead through the people. The feminine way is all about building new ways, a new kind of economy. A way of more freedom and a way of working together hand in hand. We can raise to the top in silence. We don’t need to show how great we are, we can be an example and build this way. Becoming your own change. Finding ways to contribute to the world in a way that aligns fully with your heart and your passion. Building a career out of all your strengths and mixing them together into your own unique and authentic project. Sharing from a point of vulnerability, honesty and straight from the heart. Choose always the way of love for yourself and help along the way others to choose the same. Giving a stand to stay in your power. Own your knowledge and skills. You are enough. Right now you know everything you need to know and you can allow yourself to do what you feel right. You can support your family while you do what you love. Earning money doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t need to be a competition. You can awake your flow. your vision for your buisness your why The biggest thing in the way there, is yourself. Your fears, the mindset that you are carrying with you and the limiting beliefs that yet take you under control and don’t let shine your brightest light. It is time for you to break out. You have the right to shine and be the best version of who you are. Believing each other. Honouring each other’s strengths and helping each other handle the weak points. Raising to the top, hand in hand. Taking help with open arms from who is ahead of us and giving help to those are behind. This is my vision. Creating a world where the energies are in balance. Where our egos get out of the way and we can shine and share straight from the core. A planet where love flows freely, always. Where we allow ourself to be, do and have enough of everything we want. A place where we don’t have to seek for attention, instead can give it, to our self and others. A world where everyone follows the love, where we live after our own terms of success, where we come back to hear inside of our own self what feels right. A world where we trust our intuition and follow our heart. Let’s start here and now. My vision is big and I believe everyone of us here on earth deserves to have his life and power in his own hands. Everyone deserves to live in peace and have own big dreams to follow and bold visions. We are here to build this planet. We all have the responsibility and power in our hands. We are here to take a stand. To just be, who we are and become who we want to be. Everyday again, into the direction of a life and planet in balance, with open eyes, a clean heart and ready to grow, learn and expand. Are you ready to: – take the next step and build your vision for your life? – take your power in your hands? – dive deep into the ground of your soul and really show who you are? – love and accept yourself as you are? – grow, learn and expand along the way? – change the world? – open yourself to opportunities that will show up? – stop following others and really honour who you are and what you want? – feel what is right for you? It is time to change. Humans shouldn’t make the life of other humans so difficult. They should help each other. We are here together in this experience. We need to care about our planet, we need to take our own responsibility very seriously to help everyone of us. We need to share. Stop pointing out the faults of them around us and start seeing their strengths. Stop pointing out our own weak points and start seeing us with the eyes of love. It starts with you and me. Right here and right now.