The root chakra energy of your soulful business

A soulful business, to me, means that you grow your business in a way that your life, who you are, your core values and how you serve are in full alignment.

The energy of the Root Chakra is all about who you are.

Aligning with the first circle in the soul of business circles means that you are intentional about who you are.

You do show up for what you want. You practice the things that create emotions, feelings and moments you desire to bring more of into your life.

The Soul of your Business
Root chakra energy in your soulful business

This first circle is the energy layer of intention in regards of who you are.

Here are some questions to inspire you:

  • Who are you?
  • How do you show up in the world?
  • How are you seen by others?

I would love to hear your thoughts, insights and questions. Feel free to come and join us in the Aurum Membership or send me a message with your insights and questions.

Wishing you an inspiring and intentional day

With Love,