The crown chakra energy of your soulful business

The energy of the crown chakra to me, is all about our connection to ourselves and the universe.

This soul circle is all about deep trust and therefore about making space to nourish ourselves first before we give energy to our business, our clients or our families.

Putting rituals into place that hold you. Practicing gentleness and letting go of the pressure of being perfect.

You are responsible for your own emotional stability.

The Soul of your Business
Crown chakra energy in your soulful business

Holding yourself in times of transition and growth is essential.

There is no one right way of doing that, and I would love to invite you to find what works for you.

Your intution and soul knows what you need, trust that inner voice and follow it one step at the time.

I would love to hear your thoughts, insights and questions. Feel free to come and join us in the Aurum Membership or send me a message with your insights and questions.

Wishing you an inspiring and happy day

With Love,