About Essentia Lux and who I am

We all have an essence and I believe that we are all coming from a place of infinite abundance and unconditional love.

I believe that our natural state is a state of balance.
Where we all have our own meaningful place.
Where each and every one of us is nourished and held by our strengths and who we are.
Where our stories and unique experiences create a rich tapestry of who we are.
Some of these threads out of this tapestry are there for us to follow along and share, some are still hidden in our unconscious mind and others are the highways we have created in our minds. the synapses we put together that make us react, behave and show up in the world in certain ways.

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You are invited into our Aurum membership circle. We have biweekly calls to hold you accountable for your soul-aligned business growth.

Holding the space in this way creates a deep and sacred commitment to yourself. My intention for you in this circle is that you trust your own inner wisdom. I would love to welcome you.

Together we co-create our reality
and our beautiful planet earth.
Embody your essence.
Be the light.
We are the change we are waiting for.