The intention of this meditation
is, to bring peace to your inner and outer world.

This meditation helped and helps me and my daughters to be stable in a world that seems to move and change fast on the outside right now. It supported and supports us to choose our own reality and the timeline we want to create and spend our time and awareness on.

Make yourself a safe space. Light a candle if you want or just sit down in a corner with your headphones. There is no right or wrong way to do this meditation. There is no right or wrong way to reconnect with our own golden light and heart.

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Aurum is gentle guidance and a reminder for you to trust yourself and trust your path. It supports you to live in alignment with your values, express from your soul, serve from the heart, and make your business a love story.

This membership place is for the woman who takes inspired action and is committed to herself. It up levels you in your energy.