Full Moon Releasing Ritual

Today is a full moon, the perfect time to release and make space for you to invite more of what you really desire into your life. To make the space and invite more of what you really desire, the first step is to let go.

In these times our minds can get really full too. Intentionally releasing and letting go of the heavy things that hold us down, is a beautiful way to leave your heart wide open.

The light of the full moon, can show us all the hidden things, bring out resistances and shine light to the things we could hide before ourselves.

It’s normal and it’s a survival thing, that we hide the things we don’t feel capable of handling right now. We repress them and the full moon time is actually a time where these things come up.⠀

When they do come up, we have a choice.

We can look them into the eyes, accept that this is a part of us that needs healing or forgiving and the simple awareness and acceptance is the first step of change and growth.

Or we can numb out, distract with meaningless activities (like scrolling our social media feed or consuming meaningless to us things). Like this, we put these things back under the rug where they already were.⠀
The numbing out and suppressing is actually a really fast way of getting out of alignment. With ignoring, we lose ourselves. We lose the momentum and we refuse to grow.

Both things are okay. You always are okay. No matter where you are on your journey. There is nothing wrong with you or your choices.

But don’t forget that you have a choice. You can stop yourself for a moment and check-in with how you are feeling. You can choose how you want to feel.

In this releasing ritual I recorded, you can intentionally shift the energy from heaviness and contraction towards expansion and ease.

Set yourself up a safe space. Put on your headphones and light a candle. Take a small piece of paper and click on the link above to get inspired to create a ritual space for yourself.

Remember, these things coming up are an opportunity and a gift for you to move ahead. 

They come up for you to release, to be healed, to be moved through and to be forgiven.

Wishing you a beautiful full moon time.

With Love,