Guided meditation: Chakra expansion


The intention
of this meditation
is to expand
vitalize and align
the energy flow
in your body,
mind and soul
through your
chakra centers.


Everything you need to know
is already inside you.


Unlock this wisdom through a healing journey of your soul energies.



Create a safe space for you before you start with the guided meditation. You deserve to be very well supported. Find a position that feels comfortable but doesn’t make you fall asleep, as these meditation helps you to relax and calm your mind and guides you gently into a place where you are open to allow love to vibrate in every cell of your body.

You may prepare some water nearby and it is recommended to drink a lot. Your body will process deep healing and alignment on a cellular level and water supports and nourishes your wellbeing through this experience.

Take some rest afterwards so you have the time and space to integrate the new into your soul.
You can choose to have a journal nearby and ready to reflect on your experience, as this is another way of processing the emotions and thoughts that will come up and can dive even deeper into the experience.
If there come up some emotions while following the visualisation, just let them come to the surface and let them move through you. Acknowledge and allow them, as this is a part of the healing. Allow yourself to be fully who you are.


The subtle background music helps you to stay in the flow with your breathing and the binaural beats background will help you to achieve a deep and calm state of mind.

A short preview file for you to have an insight to how the meditation flows and carries you, the whole meditation is 18:22 minutes long.

You can do this meditation daily, to balance an align the energies of your chakras.
This meditation is a way to refill your energy and balance and restore your whole energetic bodies.



Light some candles, close your eyes and be ready to move into a beautiful state of peace with yourself and the world around you.