How people around us hold us back when we uplevel

When we uplevel and grow our energy field around changes and we do let go of a version of ourselves we thought we were to become a new version of who we want to be.

The cultivation of confidence and courage comes from leaning into the discomfort.

Growth is at the edge of our comfort zone.

And as a collective, our planet is in the phase of growth. We are pushed and held accountable to our own values of integrity and truth.

What sometimes looks like chaos, is the letting go of something we thought we were and the elevation into deeper parts of who we are.

Your fear is our gift.
It is the invitation to change and transformation.

We do have the choice to take on our own self-responsibility and anchor in a new way of relating and being through our living embodiment.

This growth and this change we are in right now as the beautiful beings living on planet earth can feel so big, but we are not alone. We all in one way or the other meet the parts in ourselves that have the potential to transform and take new shape.

And through the transformation from fear to love inside of us, we create ripples in the world.

Ripples of compassion, deeper acceptance, truth, and pure love.

So we can remember, who we are in our essence.