An easy way to take the first steps towards going pro in your business by defining your ideal day

Our thoughts shape us into who we are.
What we think today, is what we will become tomorrow.

If you focus on being overwhelmed with all there is to do, running from one thing to the other without focus, you train your mind to become more scattered and all over the place.
Take back your control, you have the choice between how you feel thinking about the things you have to do and doing them in a way that is nourishing and joyful for you.
Shift your focus from what stresses you out, towards what you really want and how you can always move closer to it.

Let me help you to define what you want and see how you can integrate more of what makes you feel good during your days, by helping you to define your ideal day. What do you want to do with the time from the moment you awake in the morning and open your eyes, until you go to bed in the evening and fall asleep.
There are normally about 16 to 18 hours you are awake during a day. That’s a lot of time! How do you fill this time?
Let’s have a closer look.

There is no ideal day that fits with everyone, you need to feel into your soul and heart to define and find out what is the right fit for you. You need to try out, adjust, try out again and readjust until you find things that work for you and your environment.

It’s onto us to start changing now, it’s not a good way to tie our goals, dreams and what we really want towards an achievement in the future. We need to feel it now, experience it every day and breathe it every moment.
Don’t wait until you are skinny, to start loving your body. Don’t think only a successful business woman can structure her days and don’t think you only can make money and build a business if you have a lot of money to invest into branding, web design, courses and programs.
Start now where and with what you can.

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1. Set the direction to sail your ship

Change happens in the present moment. You can decide right now to leave a bad habit behind you, browse around the internet without outcome or eating a bunch of unhealthy food every day.
It sounds easy, but I know it isn’t.
There is some pre work in your head that you need to get done, so you can program your subconscious mind to help you to get there. Your subconscious is like you secret guardian that always wants the best for you, but the best for you is most often defined by you and your conscious thinking and what once was the best, may not anymore be so.
It’s all about bringing this part of you, the unconscious mind, into the boat so you can work together towards your goals and don’t need to fight each other on the way.
Defining your ideal day, is like showing to your subconscious mind where you are headed so you can go there hand in hand and have the same goal to work towards.
Envisioning it and anchoring how it feels in your body, helps you to get there together.

If you don’t define your goals, there is no chance to go towards them. If you don’t know where you are travelling, you will be confused in every crossroad you meet.
Decide right now on your destination and that you are ready to go there, one crossroad at the time after the next.
Don’t be afraid to settle, you can always decide to change again and adjust your direction and destination on the way of growth.

2. Release fear and everything that is holding you back

Deciding what we really want isn’t always easy, it often comes much easier to identify what we don’t want.
That’s totally fine, if you can easily see what you don’t want, you can grow from there. Look at what doesn’t make you feel good and then quickly see how you can change it around to something that fuels you instead of draining your energy.
Sometimes we need a reason and deeper knowledge why we do something, so we can change around how doing it feels to us, changing the mindset and mood we have and how we feel while doing it.

Cleaning your home while focusing on the good feeling of having your home clean and tidy, defining this time to pause, appreciate and acknowledge how lucky you are to have an home like this and how you love to have a fresh space with your help of cleaning out the old and stuck energies. Just one little corner at a time, one drawer or cleaning one window, don’t put the pressure on perfection and getting it done, but transform it into a ritual that helps you to refresh your physical and mental space.
On the other hand, cleaning your home while being greedy that always you need to do it, that the day after (or sometimes the minute after!) you will see again paw prints on your fresh washed floor. Grumpy about the workload and without motivation it’s so much harder!
Doing it in a light way, finding your reasons why you want to do it and enjoying the present moment while doing so, inspires people around you to have the same approach and feelings.
Your kids will learn that cleaning is a meditative act, something that helps us to clean not only our home from dirtiness, but also our mind.
Help your kids to build a positive mindset and find ways to do things that make you happy.

Go step to step through your day.
Where are the hard parts in your daily life? Where do you struggle and get grumpy?
Identify them and ask yourself why you get upset about certain activities. Take your journal and look what comes up.
Why is sometimes what you need to do so hard?
How can you transform hard things in pleasant ones?
To come back to the cleaning example, maybe when you was a child, you just learned that cleaning your home is a burden that you carry through your life. Your grandmother was grumpy and unhappy when she had to clean, your mother as well and now you. You just learned it to be that way. This is your mindset and thinking like this can hold you stuck and don’t allow yourself to change it around, there is no space to make it something pleasurable, because then something would be wrong.
We have to release this thoughts about how something should be, to then have the blank slate and open space to reshape them in a way that benefits us in an authentic way.

Maybe there is just no way to get around with a specific chore in your day. Cleaning is maybe something you don’t want to do in any case.
Maybe the right thing for you is to hire a cleaner that comes twice a week and makes your home shine.

There is always a solution to cut out of what you don’t like, transform and change your thinking about certain things that need to get done and welcome more of what makes you feel good.

Feeling good is essential. You only have this precious moment and spending your days in a bad mood while holding onto a future vision and goals, while being unhappy on the way to go there, makes no sense.
The path towards where you want to go should already feel like the goal you have in mind.


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3. Take aligned action

Take your journal, write your day.
Start right now and don’t think that you need to do this or that first.
You are ready. Right in this moment. Ready to reshape your life and fill your life with more joy and happiness every day!

Just write your ideal day.
Take a journal, a blank paper or even open a new document on your computer and start with the moment in the morning when you start your day after a refuelling and vitalising night rest.

There are no limits now, so make your day as perfect as you can imagine.

Where are you spending the first hours of your day? How does it smell?
How are your surroundings? Who is there with you?
What do you do? Which mood are you in while doing it?

Go step by step through your day and describe how you feel, where you are and with whom.

4. Surrender, release and trust

Once you have defined your perfect day, trust that you will get it.
Don’t feel bad, if your day isn’t looking like this, yet.

Focus on what you already have and the parts of your day that already make you feel good.

Grow from where you are, with a grateful heart and lots of kindness towards your own self. Step by step you will move closer towards building a structure that is perfect for you. Focus on creating the mood you want to feel.
Start living one little thing out of your perfect day and grow from there.

Your path is perfect now.
Enjoy your time and make every second the best moment you can imagine, that’s everything you have.

2 thoughts on “An easy way to take the first steps towards going pro in your business by defining your ideal day

  1. Aniko@PlaceOfMyTaste

    What a beautiful, encouraging and inspiring post. At this point of my life an ideal day is unreachable. I take too much on and it seems like I can’t drop anything at this point of my life. Thank you for sharing your wise words!Loving your style, girl! Xo

    1. Eos Post author

      Thank you Aniko for visiting me here in my online home!
      There is always room for change. Just try to take distance from where you are right now and sit down and start writing down your ideal day from the moment in the morning you awake. How would your ideal day start? What would you do? Where would you be? Go through your whole day and write down how your ideal day would look like if you didn’t had taken on so much! Or maybe shaping this ideal for you shows that taking on so much is what fuels you and makes you feel alive! That’s okay too!
      Once you have this vision of how it would be, I’m sure you can find something tiny and little you could start doing right now, change can start with only 5 minutes a day. Having your vision of what would the ideal be like, helps you to move towards that.
      Wishing you lots of love and a beautiful day!

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