How the seasons relate with your business

Your business has it’s own cycles that it moves through, the seasons of your business. There is a different time for different activities and the more you can learn where you are with your business or a certain project, the easier the work gets done.


Every season has its very own and unique advantages, learn how I see the different energies for winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Find out in which season
your project or business is in right now.

Knowing in which season I am in my cycle, helps me to lean into the natural rhythm and fully trust. Sometimes we have to put a little seed into the soil and wait and other times we have to harvest right now before the fruit goes bad.

There is time and space for everything in your life and business. Start to be aware of where you are in the cycle and discover the energy of that season to find out what is needed from your part right now.

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