“Together we rise” Ibiza interview series with Jennifer Arndt

I had my first interview here in Ibiza for the “Together we rise” series with Jennifer Arndt last week, and afterward, I did a portrait photo session for her in the beautiful and magical Ibiza light.

It was so lovely to meet and connect with this powerful and inspiring woman with mermaid hair.

This is the power of intention. I set my intention for this year to soulfully connect in real life with others that believe what I believe.

Jennifer is a photographer for weddings, portraits, lifestyle and family shoots. She has done the images of me at the Ibiza beach with the flower crown! I love them and really recommend you reaching out to here to book your shoot!
I connected with her before our visit here in Ibiza in March to see if the Island is the right place for our little family to relocate and I desired to anchor in the energy of beach, nature, and freedom through a photoshoot with her.
The photos of me at the beach did help me guide into a new version of myself.

This is something I so often experience, for myself and my clients, that if you create a new version of yourself and your dream business and anchor that vision in with a lifestyle photo shoot magic happens. Those images hold the energy of who you want to be in your future vision, these photos become a treasured anchor and help you manifest and birth a new version of yourself and your business.

If you are ready to rise together with a group of soul sisters and discover the beauty of Ibiza the “Bloom and Grow” retreat is what you are looking for.

Be sure to check out the work of Jennifer.

I wholeheartedly recommend her for your photoshoot.

Have a magical day

Love and Light