Grow and bloom


Sharing Your Souls Message With Grace & Beauty
Six day retreat in Ibiza for soulful women who are ready to get clarity on their brand, confident in sharing their truth and ready to shape a clear vision for their life and business.


A transformational experience in safe and protected space of sacred sisterhood.

You know you are ready to
live a life in alignment with your passion.
It is your time to become visible in the world with what you do, what better space then doing this in a space of likeminded souls. Doing what you love and loving what you do.
You look for a safe space, gentle guidance and clarity. You know that you will find the answers to your questions in yourself and need some support in getting still to be able to hear those whispers of your soul. You are a lightworker and ready to assist our precious planet in this special time of change.
There were more than one times in my life, where I felt alone with the work I am doing. As an entrepreneur, we face so much different beliefs from those around us, that it is sometimes hard to hold onto our vision.
We start looking for the answers on the outside, in a mentor, an online course or a premade roadmap, but I believe that every journey is as unique as we as human beings are unique. There is no wrong or right, everything is an experience and will bring you exactly to where you need to be.
We as women had our voices shut down for so long, that it isn’t always easy to speak and share our truth.
This is the time we heal.
I know in my heart, that what each and every one of us has to share has value, that we all have a story to tell and that my truth is of value to others and so is yours.
You are ready to shine.
You are here on this beautiful planet,
to share who you are and make a difference.

This retreat is for a collective group of women who are committed to living a life in alignment with their soul desires and a brand that is a reflection of their truth.

The women called to be part of this experience are devoted to follow their soul.

In our 6 days together in Ibiza we will grow, heal, share, envision, reflect, recharge and bloom into a new version of ourselves.

You will get support in owning your strengths, discover your brand colors, a safe space to practice sharing your truth, feedback and clarity on what you have the world to offer and how you can show up as authentically you so you can serve with an open heart.

This is what I have learned


on my own journey of creating a business and lifestyle that is aligned with my core values and desires:
  • Creating an authentic brand is so much more than just picking some colors and fonts. It’s all about getting to know you on deeper and more intimate level and mirroring this energy into your work.


  • Getting things done vs. allowing yourself to do things in a way that is aligned with your core values and essence, makes all the difference in how you will feel with the end result.


  • Having likeminded people around you for feedback, support and to give you an outside perspective, helps you to stand in your power, share your truth and shine your light. From where you are and with what you have.


  • Practicing an open heart makes you vulnerable and authentic and supports you in showing up with your work and attracting the right people to what you offer.


  • Speaking your truth is challenging and liberating at the same time. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Practicing in a safe space of likeminded souls is the perfect starting point.


  • Surrounding yourself consciously with what you love and creating experiences that make you feel the way you want to and are aligned with your highest vision for the future, attract more of what you want.

We will start our days with gentle yoga lessons to move and wake our bodies. Feeling the warm sun on your skin, hearing the birds through the silence, a light wind is moving through our hair, and the beauty of nature surrounds us. We smell the sweet fragrance of the blooming flowers next to the terrace. Sharing our hearts and being nourished and surrounded by soulful connection. Relaxing and filling up our energy while taking aligned action to create an abundant life and business.


Gathering together for grounding, meditation, and workshops. Sitting in the living room on a cozy sofa with fresh tea while finding and practicing our voice and become confident in the message we share.


Eating delicious freshly prepared food. Sitting around the table with supporting soul friends. Sharing our visions for the future, supporting each other in our desires and showing each other what is possible. A deeply nourishing experience for soul, mind, and body.

Who is this experience for?

Women ready to birth versions of themselves that show on the outside through their branding who they are on the inside. Women ready to lead their life and business from a place of truth and soul. Women who are ready to lead from the heart.

If this is you, apply now for a free call as I am carefully choosing who is a right fit for this experience.

Making space between our workshops to implement, integrate and soulfully connect.


However, that looks for you. Going into nature and writing into your notebook. Walking in the shadow of the surrounding pine trees or make an excursion to a magical Ibiza beach. Being with yourself in your own private room and tuning fully in your own truth or having meaningful conversations with others or booking a bespoke massage and healing treatment with Emma-Louise our yoga teacher to fully relax and make space for your transformation.


We invite you to really hear and follow your intuition and what you need during this experience. Give yourself the time and space you need in a safe and sacred space.

This is a space for you to gather, connect, inspire, support, nourish, relax and create.


And you will go home with a brand and clarity of your message. Deeply trusting in yourself that you are on your path.
Are you ready to…
… balance your brand and business in a way that is aligned with who you authentically are?
… allow yourself to be supported and nourished while creating and growing your business?
… soulfully connect with what you have to offer and how you serve the world?
… discovering your truth on a deeper layer and share it with the world?
… showing up as who you fully are through a personal photoshoot?
… discovering the beauty of Ibiza and the sacred energy of this special Island full of love?
This is how the retreat journey may look like:


This is an outline of our days, my number one intention is to serve you in the way you most need it and go with the group energy, so there may be slight changes in our daily structures and topics.

Day 1: Arrival and setting your intention


You will arrive early afternoon and settle into your beautiful accommodation in our private villa in Ibiza. Have a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable in your room, breathe in the fresh air and meet the other retreat women.


We will come together in a beautiful welcome circle where we will ground, get present and share with each other who we are, what we do and what our individual intentions for the next 5 days are.


Gathering at a shared and healthy dinner prepared by our private chef. We get to know each other in a more causal way, laugh together and soulfully connect with each other and our intentions.

Day 2: Creative mood and style deep dive


The morning yoga session will fill you up and help you in starting your day with movement.

After our shared breakfast we do a collective energy healing session where you connect with your inner wisdom and prepare yourself for a creative day ahead.


During the morning workshop, we will make a deep dive into the layers of your brand and discover your brand mood and soul colors that align with you and translate who you are into a visual expression.


We gather for a shared lunch and you have the afternoon to yourself. There is time to explore the beautiful surrounding nature and beaches, dive deeper into your journal and desires and connect with the other women.
It’s important that you check in with yourself and what you need at the very moment and allow yourself to follow that.


In the evening we gather for a freshly prepared dinner from our private chef.

Day 3: Infusing soul into your brand and finding your why


After breakfast we gather together and get clear on our mission for the day.
This day will bring you crystal clarity on your message and connect you powerfully to it in a way that you always can reconnect with it and have it as your northstar in the future. Knowing why you do what you do helps you to navigate one decision at the time.

In our morning workshop, we explore the stories that shape you into who you are and brought you to where you are. You collect the experiences that make you unique and how you can share them and you get clarity and confidence in what your strengths are.


In the afternoon you will have time for yourself, to explore the magical Island, to connect with your soul sisters or to get a bespoke treatment with Emma-Louise. Whatever you need most.


We gather in our private villa for all the freshly prepared and delicious meals.

Day 4: Your soul tribe and who you best work with


After our united breakfast and collective yoga session, we come together to explore what lights us up with working with others.

In our morning workshop, we explore your soul tribe and who the person is that you can best serve with your offerings.
You get one and one attention, feedback from each other and help in the process.

We gather for shared lunch and dinner and nourish our body, mind, and soul and you have a free afternoon to do whatever feels right for you.

Day 5: Open your heart and your offering


Start your morning with a deliciously shared and freshly prepared breakfast, before we gather in a morning circle to do a heart opening ritual with a Emma-Louise and you will powerfully connect with your strengths and unique talents, so you are prepared to get visible with your work in the world.

In our morning workshop you get clarity on how you can best serve in the world and will find some tangible action steps on how to commit and on the next steps you will take.

After our circle you will share your discoverings with the group and get feedback on it.

We will gather and meet for lunch and soulful connection in our private villa before you have a free afternoon to yourself to enjoy Ibiza, visit a beach or city nearby or book a bespoke treatment.



In the evening it’s sharing time!

You share what you found out about yourself. You share with the group what lights you up and what gifts and offers you have to birth into the world.
We celebrate each other for stepping into our feminine leadership and showing up for ourselves and our dreams.
We will enjoy, laugh and anchor in the friendships we made and visions we shaped about how our future will look like while enjoying a delicious festive dinner together.

Day 6: Closing the circle


Have a gentle sleep in our immerse yourself again in the stunning surroundings of nature before our last breakfast together and our final goodbye circle.

We will share what we have learned in this intensive time together and anchor in your next steps with the collective group energy, so you can hold the momentum and take this new energy into your life and business.

Choose your experience:

Normal track (4 spaces available)


  • Full Retreat experience (March 24th to 29th)

    • “Bloom and grow” questionnaire
    • 6 nights accommodation
    • Healthy meals
    • Daily workshops, circles and yoga
    • 30 minute portrait Session
    • Bespoke 60 minute treatment



  • 3 Months group coaching and mentoring
  • Private Facebook group
Shared room 1250 USD
Private room 1550 USD

VIP track (2 spaces available)


  • Full Retreat experience (March 24th to 29th)

    • “Bloom and grow” questionnaire
    • 6 nights accommodation
    • Healthy meals
    • Daily workshops, circles and yoga
    • 30 minute portrait Session
    • Bespoke 60 minute treatment



  • 3 Months group coaching and mentoring
  • Private Facebook group


VIP experience:

Personal logo design in alignment with your brand:

  • 3 initial versions of logo design
  • unlimited revisions
  • Logo files in png, jpg and original vector files

Website design:
  • Website design (up to 12 pages)
  • Personal help with finding a brand style, the overall mood and feeling
  • Working the process with your ideal client in mind
  • Creating an user flow that leads from one site to the next
  • Working on wordpress with a customised theme
  • Installation on your server under your domain
  • Integrated photography from a chosen photographies stock site
  • Mailchimp newsletter optin form integration
  • Mailchimp newsletter set up
  • Freebie pdf design (up to 15 pages)
  • Pages and subpages design
  • Integrated blog design and single post design
  • Sidebar design
  • Testimonial style integration
  • Contact form integration
  • Custom favicon
  • Responsive design including optimisation and testing on mobile and tablet screens
  • Cross browser testing
  • SEO and Google analytics set up
Private room 4750 USD

Online mastermind time: March to June 2018
Retreat dates: March 24 to 29, 2018
Venue: Ibiza Sanctuary in Santa Gertrudis, Spain


This is your time to join a high vibe group of women.

The soul of business circle will support you:


  • To have a crystal clear vision about your next steps in your business
  • To have a deep knowing on how your brand looks and feels like
  • To know who you can serve with what offerings and packages
  • To be confident and know your worth

Your commmitment:


  • The soul of business circle requires the same kind of commitment as if you would step into a 1:1 setting.
  • An open mind and heart.

  • As soon as I saw Eos' stunning instagram feed, filled with serene beauty, I knew she was the designer for me. Eos originally helped me design my first online course, The Gentle Transition. Her heart centred approach, strategic vision, and keen eye for sweetness and light completely blew me away. Her design made The Gentle Transition more beautiful and more accessible than I ever imagined. Since then, Eos has helped me with album covers for my own meditations and for my clients; plus designs for advertising and social media. Every time, the experience is easy, love soaked and beautiful. I'm so grateful for Eos' skill and spirit. I couldn't recommend her more highly for your soulful design needs.

    Tahlee, Sonesence - meditones & custom meditation music
  • Building a webpage with Eos is a beautiful journey of growth. She knows that it can be daunting and overwhelming to expose yourself to the world. So she first takes you into her own creative parlour, makes you feel right at home and listens intently, while you tell your story. Then, in her warm and caring manner, she pulls it all together behind the scenes, magically spins a beautiful fabric and tapestry, intuitively choosing colours and images that match you and your venture perfectly. Launching happens when the time is just right; with the patience of a midwife, she holds your hand and makes sure the last minute perfections are taken care of, in such a way that you understand every detail yourself. Once launched she lets you fly, feeling safe and sound, knowing she is watching from a distance, just in case you would ever need her help.
    Susi, Soul Jewel Coach
  • First of all, I have to tell you that I have been showing the website to friends and have been receiving so many compliments. One of my friends had tears in her eyes after I left her alone with it for half an hour. She said she was really moved because it was so beautiful and did a great job of capturing me and the sort of atmosphere that I offer in the studio and on my events. So thank you so much for that Eos.
    Sherry Kranabitter, Stubai Yoga
  • Eos sees people. And she has the incredible gift of working out the essence of her clients vision - so other people can see it too. With her work my business flew up to a whole new level. On a daily bases I get emails from people who were inspired only by visiting my website. Not only she guided me safely through the whole process of building my page, we also had the time of our lifes doing it. So much fun… I really gained a soul sister and am grateful beyond words for what Eos and her amazing work have brought to my life.
    Priska Baumann, SoulFreedom Coach and Creative Visionary
  • Eos did a tremendous job, was extremely professional and clearly is dedicated to her craft. When I first met her, I just wanted a site to promote my book - just had a vague idea. She guided me trough the process, step-by-step and gave more the expected. Eos brought her creativity to the table and helped me really to hone in on what I wanted. She acknowledged my needs and met in a way that made my vision become reality. thanks to her talents, she even extracted my vision more clear than I could work out with any coach. I got not only a site for my book - but a site for my tribe! And I love her feminine touch!
    Patricia Trenkler, Girl Friends
  • Dear Eos, today I would like to thank you for developing my wonderful new homepage together with me. It was such an inspiring journey – far more than the simple act of finding the right colours, the right photos or look. I felt supported on a deep level. Your questions and your soulful suggestions inspired me to express myself more authentically. The biggest gift for me as an creative entrepreneur was that you held the space for me and my ideas so delicate, that they had time to grow in their own beauty and pace. I am more than happy with my new online home and look forward to work with you again.
  • I'm so pleased I decided to work with Eos on the logo and branding for my new project, Jijaze. The process we followed together helped me get really clear about what I wanted and liked and she was really committed to creating something that felt just right for us. What she created looks amazing and really works for us conveying what Jijaze is all about in a look that's bright and colourful but professional looking at the same time. Everyone loves it and it was an absolutely pleasure working with Eos as well - I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

  • You have definitely helped me to evoke and bring the brand energy and vision to life which is what I was looking for regarding this project. I’m pleasantly surprised how right it feels when I see it. I really enjoyed the process of how it birthed from a vague vision to what it is now. I feel it is exactly where the brand and business should be at this stage. So, well done. Working with you has definitely taught me how to leave trust in other's hand in order for it to flow as it should be. So many people commented on how beautiful and calming the site is. It has been a pleasure to know and working with you Eos, because I do think you care. Thank you so much!
    Grace Niu, Feng Shui Serenity
  • Working with Eos is a gift for every entrepreneur! Eos is a outstanding web designer, she intuitively sees you and your needs and translates this into a visual language, which 100% expresses what you want to convey. She brings together the needs of your clients with your authentic self expression. She accompanies you on your path with endless love, professionalism and dedication. It’s a special and vulnerable process to show up with your offers and be seen. Eos doesn’t only work with you on your beautiful and clear website, she also accompanies you devotedly on your way into being self employed, launch new products or to grow your business in different aspects. Working with Eos is more then only buy a service, it is a co creation, in which you develop yourself, it makes you happy and always bears fruits. I am deeply grateful for our work together and very much appreciate Eos and her work.
    Elisabeth Hahnke, Coach and trainer
  • To put it in a nutshell: Working with Eos is simply incredible. Every time i felt stuck in the process of building the website, Eos offered me the perfect input to shift perspective. Sometimes it was like she could see more clearly what i needed than i could see it myself. Step by step she encouraged me to put my best and authentic self out there. And she did it with so much patience und support (both technically as in form and content) paired with the right amount of humour and kick-ass ideas. Working with Eos is not about building a website, it’s about having the courage to find your purpose in life, it’s about telling the world what you have to offer. And Eos is this wise and inspirational woman who helped me to have the heart to do that. It was the smoothest teamwork i’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t be happier with the result. That’s the reason why I keep coming back. Eos fuels me with the faith and inspiration I need to give my best.
    Danja Lutz, Yoga teacher
  • I really enjoyed the organic process of the logo creation, how it kind of evolved thanks to our interaction. You listened to my feedback, made gentle creative suggestions, and were always encouraging, calm, warm and positive that in the end I would have a logo and font that I really love - and I do. I feel that the logo, colour palette and font have given my brand a strong identity that reflects my values and message. It makes me feel more confident about my business, and the direction I’m giving it, and eager to move forward and grow. They show all the time, energy and love you put into creating them, and I’m very grateful for your work.
    Cristina Colli, Stylist & Photographer
  • Working with Eos Koch was like hiring a whole team of webdesigner, fotographer, videographer, business coach, life coach, and branding expert. She is an all inclusive website fairy and has a true talent in mirroring her client's unique energy and authentic style. She walks her talk and offers deep, soulful webdesign. Her sense for beauty, harmony, balance and structure enables her to create one-of-a-kind websites for every client she works with. I had the privilege to be guided by her through a very confusing time in which I couldn’t really grasp and understand how I could bring all the pieces of my puzzle together. She helped me to develop structures and systems in which I could express my message clearly, bring all my gifts together in a way that made sense to the viewer and so that my ideal clients could find me and work with me. Her down to earth approach supported me to find the clarity and simplicity I was seeking within the vastness of my creative ideas. I can highly recommend working with Eos, it is amazing how life changing a website which truly reflects who you are and what you have to offer can be. The creation of my website was a deep process which took my business to a whole new level. I am forever grateful for our collaboration. Thank you Eos for everything! Love, Christina
    Christina Szegedi, Living Artfully - Art, Dance, Yoga- & holistic Body-Mind-Soul Coach
  • The encounter with Eos is for me a blessed coincidence, which has strengthened me, to follow my vision and to give her shape in form of a website. Eos has empowered me through her affectionate accompaniment and encouraged me on my path to my own website, to show me and my personality openly. It is important to me to touch my readers and clients with my work in their heart and innate true change. I couldn’t imagine a better companion as Eos for the creative translation of my message. Thank you Eos. You are a true gift!
    Christina Fedaie, Trainer & Coach
The Ibiza sanctuary is a beautiful mansion and magical place for sacred sisterhood. I can’t wait to spend time with you together there!
The retreat place

All rooms at Ibiza Sanctuary are carefully decorated with detail, beauty and comfort. They are all large, spacious and bright and each has its own colour theme and personality.
There are five rooms in the main house, and four of those have ensuite bathrooms.
In the garden there are three self contained bungalows.
All eight rooms have comfortable beds prepared with fresh linen and clean towels.

Master Bedroom


The Master bedroom is decorated in pink tones. It has a king size double bed in the main room, and on the terrace adjoining the room, there is a princess single bed. The ensuite bathroom has a bathtub and two sinks. The room has fabulous views over the gardens, to the carob fields and all the way to the mountains.

Twin Room


The twin room is decorated in black and white. It has two single beds and is a very large room. The room is very bright and has afternoon sun, and with beautiful views to the mountain.
This room uses the bathroom downstairs.

Downstairs Double Room


The downstairs double room is decorated in fuschia and gold tones. This is the only room located on the ground floor in the main house. It has a king size bed and an ensuite bathroom with a bathtub.

Pool View Room


The Pool View room is decorated in gold and white, and has views over the pool and gardens. It has a balcony with morning sun, a double bed, and an ensuite bathroom with shower.

Buddha Bungalow


The Buddha bungalow is the largest of the three bungalows and it is decorated in a boho-hippie-chic style. It is set right next to the pine forest. It has a double bed and can be prepared with two extra single beds. It has a kitchenette with fridge and a bathroom with shower.

Cactus Bungalow


The Cactus Bungalow is the most private room on the property. It has its own camino (dirt road) leading up to it and is set below the house, close to the water fall and the Bonsai tree. It is decorated in black and gold. It has a double bed and a kitchenette with fridge, and an ensuite bathroom with shower.

Pool Bungalow


The Pool Bungalow is located next to the pool. It has a double bed and a fully equipped kitchen and it shares bathroom.

This retreat is for women who know that they are meant to live a life where they feel fulfiled and in alignment with their soul.

This is a space for women who know that they are called to rise the vibration of the world and hold the new paradigm in their hearts. This is the place where we connect and recharge to go out into the world and serve with our gifts. We rise together.


You are ready to bloom and the energy of spring will support us on this journey.

This is your opportunity
to step into the next version of you.
A future where you…
… know who you are.
… give yourself the space and time you need to create and grow your business.
… feel supported, seen and held by likeminded women.
… have crystal clarity on your brand 
… have a beautiful website that helps you to show up in the world as who you are
Are you ready to create abundance for you and your family, one step at the time?
if you decide to take action and make this next step on your journey towards your desired lifestyle and flourishing business.
We live in a special time.
The feminine energy is rising and the energy of the planet is a subtle and thin veil.
We are ready to be wide awake. Inspire each other. Come together and rise together. We don’t believe into the old paradigm anymore.
We inspire. We follow what we love. We create our own lives in alignment with our desires and full of intention.


Allow yourself space and time to create and receive.


The Intention and creation mastermind is a luxury experience with lots of 1:1 attention and for this we hold space for 7 women in the group. Be quick if you want to be one of them.


This mastermind is for service-based women entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, yoga teachers, mentors and many others who want to create the layers of their brand, share their message and are ready to share their gifts and offers with the world.


If you are not sure if this is a good fit for you, sign up for a discovery call and we will discuss everything and I will answer you all your open questions and show you what is possible for you.

In a luxurious private villa in Ibiza with salt water swimming pool on a plot of 27.000 hectar land and surrounded by beautiful nature. Ibiza Sanctuary is a beautiful 400 square meter mansion situated amongst pine forest and tree plantations, seemingly far away from it all, but surprisingly near everything Ibiza has to offer.
Surrounded by huge lush garden, green fresh grass and stunning flowers. Carob and olive trees, plantations of fresh herbs like rosemary, mint and lavender, a Bonsai tree, a Japanese river, a fishpond. There are hammocks, relaxation and yoga & meditation areas including a meditation/chill out terrace and a yoga deck. A feeling of total peace and tranquility.


Wake up in this oasis, watching the sun rays climbing up the mountains opposite the house while listening to the birdsong. Take a morning dip in the fresh saltwater pool, and have your coffee lazily on the terrace.
At night, enjoy the garden lit up by sparkling fairy lights, coupled with the magical sounds of crickets and frogs. Around the house there’s lemon, fig, cherry, avocado and orange trees. A beautiful pine forest and country walks to enjoy.


This house used to be the home of Ra Uhuru, the founder of The Human Design System. Under the sacred fig tree in Ibiza Sanctuary’s garden, he channeled a very special information which led to the development of this system, used as a manual for each person’s unique design.
Ra lived here for about 10 years, and he planted and cared for much of the garden and built the bungalows.
His very special and unique presence is felt all over the property and the garden. Many people feel it immediately as they arrive, others just feel it in a sense of “not ever wanting to leave”


The picturesque village Santa Gertrudis is located 2 km’s away with great bars, restaurants and boutiques, great food shops for healthy organic foods and local produce, as well as regular supermarkets and a petrol station, tobacco shop, post office & playground.


We are located right in the center of the island with easy access to everything.


Ibiza airport 20 minutes
Ibiza town 15 minutes
San Antonio 25 minutes
Beaches 10-20 minutes
Santa Gertrudis 3 minutes

  • Your flights from where you are to Ibiza and back
  • The drive from the airport to the retreat place (A 30 minutes taxi drive or you can rent your car and are free to visit all the beaches all over the island during the week)
  • Any souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, taxis or laundry service
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

We will have a private chef in the villa to prepare fresh and homemade food for us daily.


Day 1: Apero + Dinner freshly prepared from our private chef
Day 2: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Day 3: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Day 4: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Day 5: Breakfast + Lunch + Festive Dinner
Day 6: Breakfast


Vegetarian choices are available and you will be asked about any dietary requirements you have in your application and we will support you with those.

We rent the private villa especially for our retreat time together.
If you want to come earlier or stay longer we are really happy to help you find a beautiful place nearby. Contact us and let us know about your plans and we are happy to help you out.
Check in time is March 24 at 3 p.m. and Check out is March 29 at 11 a.m.

I totally understand and feel you. But how much time did already pass by since you have the dream to build your business? How long do you desire to create your dream lifestyle? How much time have you already lost on making a plan and then not following through?
Think about how much time you will gain if you have uninterrupted time, inspiring environment and a clear schedule that holds you accountable to take the first step and take the aligned action in a group of likeminded women that support you.

If creating your business and your desired lifestyle is a priority for you, then you can make the time.

Committing to your dream isn’t an easy decision, I totally get and understand it. Emerging yourself into the energy of how it feels like to be surrounded and supported by a group of likeminded women is a unique experience for you of what is possible and will up level your energy, clarity and confidence in a way like nothing else does.


It is important for all of us, that we are committed to what we do. You invest in yourself and your dream to create a brand in alignment with your soul. Having a strong foundation for your business set up, being ready to share your truth and having confidence and clarity on your offer can make you the money you spent back in as little as one month.
In this retreat, you will learn to value your work and own your value. Investing in yourself is a sign of believing in you, your dreams and desires. It means you commit and take one step closer towards the future lifestyle and business you desire.


What you focus on, is what you get. So if you seek the experience of more financial abundance this retreat is perfect for you. We will surround ourselves with high vibrational women who know what they want and are ready to receive it. Allow yourself to be one of those women and fully breathe in abundance in so many areas over the time of our retreat and you will see how you attract more of that energy the more you feel it in your body.

Apply now and book your discovery call to see if you are a good fit. I will answer you all your open questions you may have.
If your application is accepted, we will send you the payment link. Once your deposit or full payment has been received your attendance at the retreat is secure.

We consider paypal a safe and secure payment method both for you and for us. Payment through bank transfer is possible too.

Any cancellation from your part will result in a loss of the deposit. Any cancellation made between February 15, 2018 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of the funds.

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

© 2018 Eos Koch – Webdesign Eos Koch – Photos of me from Nina Wüthrich