Align your actions with your soul purpose and build the lifestyle your heart desires

You are ready to build a website and brand to support you in your soulful work and attract perfect for you high-end clients.


An energetic space which reflects on the outside who you are in the inside. A safe platform to be visible, share your story, voice and communicate your vision to attract the ones that believe what you believe, all while creating a lifestyle and day to day life which is rooted in your core values and on how you want to feel.

Tell your story

Every project I work on is near to my heart. I try to capture your vision holistically and translate it into a website that is a true reflection of who you are as a person. No project is as the other. I am fully emerged in every step of your brand building, business growth and website creation.


Working together with me (and my tech savvy husband) means that we are a dream team. I give all of me, and you give all of you. We will set a clear intention to reach and take the steps that are needed to get there.

Being honest and respectful with each other is at the roots of our collaboration. I am looking forward getting to know you and your project to see if I am the right fit to help you create your website.

I believe that every online business is truly unique and want to help you bring that out.


Having a professional look makes all the difference on the internet. Infusing the intended energy into your website makes all the difference in how people feel when they visit your online space. If they see your web space and then meet you and sense that everything is honest and aligned, they will have a lot of trust towards you.


Having your website as your voice and in alignment with your high vibration, helps your ideal clients to know what you are all about instantly. You can build a meaningful connection and understand your clients on a deeper level, and this means that they will open to trust you and will be ready to work with you.


An aesthetic and beautiful design is important, but I’m also all about the functionality. It is so important that your website isn’t full of distractions, that it is easy to understand, that it leads towards your goals and intentions, works smoothly, is easy to navigate and functions perfectly.

Building a brand and business is like planting a tree.

First, you prepare the soil; then you choose a place with just the perfect amount of sun; then you put the seed into the ground and water regularly. There is a little sprout that will start to grow slowly and organically, which then becomes a stronger tree over the years. You can provide the best circumstances possible into this process, but you can’t make this tree grow faster.

Your website and brand are the roots, the foundation of your online business, and need therefore to be well anchored and strong in the ground, so they will hold against the next storm that is coming your way.

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Yes, If you are looking for a website that mirrors your business and essence, the “Growing roots package” might be the right fit.



Here is the link to our branding and visibility package.


There is the possibility for you to add a shop to your project or the design and development of your online course.


We are really open and happy to serve you with all your custom requests and help you see what you need right now and what makes the most sense, for where you are in your business.


Contact me for a free discovery session where we will estimate what you would need, where I can get to know you and your vision and where you can ask my all your open questions.



Growing roots process overview



To give you a clear timeframe, I need to know where you are in the process and what you need, book your call and we can have a look at that and map out your plan and which package is the best fit for you.


The Growing roots package is 9 months of support, but it can be that we can get a head start and launch your website after 1 or 2 months and then have lots of time together to figure out your marketing strategy or I can support you in booking clients. We make the package fit your needs, not the other way around.


We do ask you for your commitment once we get started together and we have a fixed price and timeframe for our project together, if we are not able to finish it in the foreseen timeframe you will pay any additional month of work.


You do have the possibility to freeze a project if you realize that you will need more time to work out things on your end.


I am really open to accommodate you and your needs. That you get out what you intend from our work together is very important to me, but to work with an open heart and from a place of love, it is very important that we respect each other and each others time.


My work is based on honesty and respect for each other.


If you’d like to have an estimate on your project, contact me here for your free discovery call.


Every project is different and unique and I want to get to know you, your needs, expectations and vision in a free and not binding Skype call of about 45 minutes to see if we are a good fit to work with each other and from there I will send you a not binding custom proposal.



Here is an overview of my packages:



We are specialised and work on the foundation of self hosted WordPress with our own developed custom theme.


I‘m all about empowering you that you learn to do the basic things by yourself, as updating your blog, add new testimonials or change a line of text on your about page, WordPress will give you a good interface to easily do that.


.Working in this soulful way it is most important that our work together is rooted in mutual honesty and respect for each other.

My clients are open minded and ready to invest into their business with their time and attention.


It is your part to write the copy for your website, decide on your offers, on the structure and bringing everything together. I’m here for you to facilitate this process and give feedback, but building an authentic website isn’t something that you just outsource, but a process that comes together piece by piece.


We need some photos of you and your brand, as I do think a soulful brand comes to life through who you are. Showing yourself on your website builds a lot of trust with your clients and will help me to build the design, as I can see better who you are.

If you need help with your photography and are based in Ibiza (or ready to spend some time on this magical Island) check out my photography and video offers.


We do expect from you that you fill out the worksheets, questionnaires or agreed open homework and send them through on time.
To book your spot in my calendar and commit to the work, a down payment is necessary.


You need a domain name and hosting service.


A domain name costs you about 10 – 15 Dollars a year and you need to renew it yearly.


An hosting service, this is the online space where your website is hosted and online available 24 hours a day. There are different hosting services with different price points, but normally they range from around 70 – 120 Dollars a year. I recommend that gave to me and my clients a good experience.

I highly recommend to invest and book a professional photo shoot as it makes a huge difference and brings your personality into the project.


If you have some special wishes and ideas that you want to realize for your project, like a shopping cart, a quiz, membership site or other custom functionality, contact me through my hire me form and we will discuss your project before I send you a custom quote.


Yes, I am happy to help you with all kind of additional graphic design work if you choose to work with me.

Contact me here with your request.


Standard payment is 50% of the total fee before the start date of your project. If you are booking in advance, you’ll pay 25% as a non-refundable deposit to book your spot in my schedule and 25% by the start date. The remaining 50% is due before the site goes live.

In any case I’m very open to set up a individual monthly payment plan for you that fits your needs, just contact me and I am sure we will find something that fits for both of us.

You can pay through bank transfer, paypal or with your credit card through paypal.


If you decide to work with me, you will have the full package with the design and development and you don’t need to find your own developer and communicate your needs to him, I will take that over for you and make it easy on your part.


As a right brained soulful and creative designer, code and development are not my strengths, but I have a good knowledge of what is needed and possible and I work closely together with my left brained business partner who has a solid knowledge and he is specialized in WordPress themes and plugin development.


My team is here to support us with project management and other little tasks.


Contact me now to schedule your free discovery session to see if we are a good fit to work together.


We are open to these kind of requests.


If you need custom functionality that are not covered by WordPress plugins in the market, if you want to modify a plugin or your theme for your unique needs, or if you need to add something in the backend of your WordPress site, we are happy to help you.


Contact me here with your ideas.


I’m very happy to answer you any open questions!


Thank you, I have received your question, I will answer soon.
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Are you ready to unravel one layer after the next to allow divine guidance, let your soul’s light shine, calm the voice in your head and trust in being able to take the aligned next step on your path?

  • Building a webpage with Eos is a beautiful journey of growth. She knows that it can be daunting and overwhelming to expose yourself to the world. So she first takes you into her own creative parlour, makes you feel right at home and listens intently, while you tell your story. Then, in her warm and caring manner, she pulls it all together behind the scenes, magically spins a beautiful fabric and tapestry, intuitively choosing colours and images that match you and your venture perfectly. Launching happens when the time is just right; with the patience of a midwife, she holds your hand and makes sure the last minute perfections are taken care of, in such a way that you understand every detail yourself. Once launched she lets you fly, feeling safe and sound, knowing she is watching from a distance, just in case you would ever need her help.


    Soul Jewel Coach

  • Eos sees people. And she has the incredible gift of working out the essence of her clients vision - so other people can see it too. With her work my business flew up to a whole new level. On a daily bases I get emails from people who were inspired only by visiting my website. Not only she guided me safely through the whole process of building my page, we also had the time of our lifes doing it. So much fun… I really gained a soul sister and am grateful beyond words for what Eos and her amazing work have brought to my life.

    Priska Baumann

    SoulFreedom Coach and Creative Visionary

  • To put it in a nutshell: Working with Eos is simply incredible. Every time i felt stuck in the process of building the website, Eos offered me the perfect input to shift perspective. Sometimes it was like she could see more clearly what i needed than i could see it myself. Step by step she encouraged me to put my best and authentic self out there. And she did it with so much patience und support (both technically as in form and content) paired with the right amount of humour and kick-ass ideas. Working with Eos is not about building a website, it’s about having the courage to find your purpose in life, it’s about telling the world what you have to offer. And Eos is this wise and inspirational woman who helped me to have the heart to do that. It was the smoothest teamwork i’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t be happier with the result. That’s the reason why I keep coming back. Eos fuels me with the faith and inspiration I need to give my best.

    Danja Lutz

    Yoga teacher

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Changing the world starts within you.


Love and Light is a birthright for everyone of us and by shining your light you allow those around you to open their hearts and shine their light.


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You are worth it.