The difference between your logo and your branding

Creating a brand personality for your business, is inside work. It’s not about going behind the next trend and having your designer come up with a beautiful color palette and font choices and all about defining the underlaying layers of who you are, what your work is about and creating emotion aligned with how you want your ideal clients to feel.

In this video I explain you what the difference between your logo and your branding is. Your brand isn’t something static, but evolving, shaping and growing along you.


Start to build your brand
from the inside out.

Share your takeaway from this video in the comments below and anchor in what you just learned.

Acknowledge how far you already are in knowing yourself. You have a blank canvas in shaping and creating your business and brand however feels right to you.

How do you want to show up and be seen?

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Wishing you a beautiful day

Love and Light

2 thoughts on “The difference between your logo and your branding

  1. Jojo

    Love your advice and thoughts on this topic. How wonderful for us to create soulful brands to inspire exactly who needs the gifts we are sharing!! Awesome job Eos

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