Sacred Soul Alchemy 111 Day 1:1 Coaching


Sacred soul Alchemy
A 111 day 1:1 intensive to step into feminine leadership


The Sacred soul Alchemy is a place where you will discover and unravel your own authentic being to find ways to infuse more of who you are into your business and website. Layer after layer you will dive into the depths of the energetic tissue that makes you into who you are and discover new ways to weave your story, vision and values into everything you do.


On this adventure I will be next to you with my experience and knowledge, holding gently the space for you, giving you feedback and and an outside view, whenever you need it.


align the energetic layers and foundational structure of your business with your soul purpose and the essence of who you are, design the lifestyle of your dreams, find heart clients and build the foundation of the successful business you know you are meant to lead.


Pay in three monthly instalments through paypal:


Pay in full:



You are a perfect fit for the sacred soul alchemy package if:


You have the desire to build and grow authentically in your life and business as a soulful lightworker
You are ready to take a leap, grow and rise
You are willing to go deep, heal and transform so your soul can shine your light and you want to feel free to express the love that is inside of you
You are ready to invest your time in you, fill out the pdf worksheets, implement ideas and follow through with the homework from our 1:1 coaching sessions
What you get:


8 private coaching calls to support and hold the space for you


+ 4 worksheets to dive deep and set the direction
+ Bonus meditations to support your journey
+ Healing binaural beats music compositions
+ Reiki healing
+ pdf tarot reading
+ Bonus celebration session
Say yes to your soul

I do believe that you have everything you need inside of you. All the answers are saved and stored in your cells and the tissue of your soul.


Having someone beside you that makes you feel seen and heard, so you can practice showing up as your authentic self in a safe space is a bridge between where you are now and shining your light even brighter, being fully seen and serve with an open heart from a place of love.


I’d be honoured to be here for you and hold the space. Contact me now to set up a first free discovery session where we discuss your needs and shape the journey uniquely to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Can’t wait to get to know you, your visions and dreams!