Photography and Video

Visual storytelling with soul

Photography tells your story and shows who you are and what your business stands for.

What are the colors that represent you and how do you want to make feel your clients when they get you to know.

Photography transforms you and your business into what you want it to be.

You want to feel connected, free, beautiful or just happy. Your client should feel in good hands, bring trust towards you or just feel who you are. A photograph of you with this certain feeling helps you to really awake a deep connection.
The things you believe in, the clothes you wear, the colors you use to decorate your home, all of this makes you into who you are.

Photography freezes a moment from the presence into the future

The smile in your eyes at that moment, the feeling that went through your body when it clicked, the sunlight that caressed your skin all this little things come up again when you look at the photograph.
Photography, for me is a way to catch how you feel inside of you and bring it on the surface and into the reality. It is a way to mirror your soul and who you are.

Photography and Video Eos Koch

Tell the story of you and your business

without using words

Photography and Video Eos Koch

Photography is storytelling with feelings.
It is something very deep and sacred, I believe in creating a foundation of trust between me as a photographer and you showing who you really are with my lens pointed into your direction.
I will help you find the best way for you and your business to tell this story.
Like this your photographs will express what you stand for, they complete your message and the why behind your business.
They help you to express how you want to be seen in the world.

Videography helps to tell a story on even more layers.
We have moving images, your voice, words, graphics and music.
All this information mixed together helps your clients to see who you are, what you stand for and carry your message into the world.
There are a lot of different kind of videos and I’m happy if you get in contact with me to see how I can help you with your project and idea.

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