Love and feedback from my clients

  • I loved the welcome package. It was so helpful that you always brought me back to take on responsibility for myself, my next steps and guided me to trust in my intuition. I felt supported that you hold the space for me without judgement. In our coaching sessions I felt that you do your work with passion and where really there for me. I felt your authenticity and how you truly care to support others to live there calling.

    Olga Wieser


  • First of all, I have to tell you that I have been showing the website to friends and have been receiving so many compliments. One of my friends had tears in her eyes after I left her alone with it for half an hour. She said she was really moved because it was so beautiful and did a great job of capturing me and the sort of atmosphere that I offer in the studio and on my events. So thank you so much for that Eos.

    Sherry Kranabitter

    Stubai Yoga

  • Dear Eos, today I would like to thank you for developing my wonderful new homepage together with me. It was such an inspiring journey – far more than the simple act of finding the right colours, the right photos or look. I felt supported on a deep level. Your questions and your soulful suggestions inspired me to express myself more authentically. The biggest gift for me as an creative entrepreneur was that you held the space for me and my ideas so delicate, that they had time to grow in their own beauty and pace. I am more than happy with my new online home and look forward to work with you again.

    Nina Pettenberg


  • I'm so pleased I decided to work with Eos on the logo and branding for my new project, Jijaze. The process we followed together helped me get really clear about what I wanted and liked and she was really committed to creating something that felt just right for us. What she created looks amazing and really works for us conveying what Jijaze is all about in a look that's bright and colourful but professional looking at the same time. Everyone loves it and it was an absolutely pleasure working with Eos as well - I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

    Mary Ann Mihna


  • As soon as I saw Eos' stunning instagram feed, filled with serene beauty, I knew she was the designer for me. Eos originally helped me design my first online course, The Gentle Transition. Her heart centred approach, strategic vision, and keen eye for sweetness and light completely blew me away. Her design made The Gentle Transition more beautiful and more accessible than I ever imagined. Since then, Eos has helped me with album covers for my own meditations and for my clients; plus designs for advertising and social media. Every time, the experience is easy, love soaked and beautiful. I'm so grateful for Eos' skill and spirit. I couldn't recommend her more highly for your soulful design needs.


    Sonesence - meditones & custom meditation music

  • Eos did a tremendous job, was extremely professional and clearly is dedicated to her craft. When I first met her, I just wanted a site to promote my book - just had a vague idea. She guided me trough the process, step-by-step and gave more the expected. Eos brought her creativity to the table and helped me really to hone in on what I wanted. She acknowledged my needs and met in a way that made my vision become reality. thanks to her talents, she even extracted my vision more clear than I could work out with any coach. I got not only a site for my book - but a site for my tribe! And I love her feminine touch!

    Patricia Trenkler

    Girl Friends

  • You have definitely helped me to evoke and bring the brand energy and vision to life which is what I was looking for regarding this project. I’m pleasantly surprised how right it feels when I see it. I really enjoyed the process of how it birthed from a vague vision to what it is now. I feel it is exactly where the brand and business should be at this stage. So, well done. Working with you has definitely taught me how to leave trust in other's hand in order for it to flow as it should be. So many people commented on how beautiful and calming the site is. It has been a pleasure to know and working with you Eos, because I do think you care. Thank you so much!

    Grace Niu

    Feng Shui Serenity

  • I really enjoyed the organic process of the logo creation, how it kind of evolved thanks to our interaction. You listened to my feedback, made gentle creative suggestions, and were always encouraging, calm, warm and positive that in the end I would have a logo and font that I really love - and I do. I feel that the logo, colour palette and font have given my brand a strong identity that reflects my values and message. It makes me feel more confident about my business, and the direction I’m giving it, and eager to move forward and grow. They show all the time, energy and love you put into creating them, and I’m very grateful for your work.

    Cristina Colli

    Stylist & Photographer

  • Building a webpage with Eos is a beautiful journey of growth. She knows that it can be daunting and overwhelming to expose yourself to the world. So she first takes you into her own creative parlour, makes you feel right at home and listens intently, while you tell your story. Then, in her warm and caring manner, she pulls it all together behind the scenes, magically spins a beautiful fabric and tapestry, intuitively choosing colours and images that match you and your venture perfectly. Launching happens when the time is just right; with the patience of a midwife, she holds your hand and makes sure the last minute perfections are taken care of, in such a way that you understand every detail yourself. Once launched she lets you fly, feeling safe and sound, knowing she is watching from a distance, just in case you would ever need her help.


    Soul Jewel Coach

  • To put it in a nutshell: Working with Eos is simply incredible. Every time i felt stuck in the process of building the website, Eos offered me the perfect input to shift perspective. Sometimes it was like she could see more clearly what i needed than i could see it myself. Step by step she encouraged me to put my best and authentic self out there. And she did it with so much patience und support (both technically as in form and content) paired with the right amount of humour and kick-ass ideas. Working with Eos is not about building a website, it’s about having the courage to find your purpose in life, it’s about telling the world what you have to offer. And Eos is this wise and inspirational woman who helped me to have the heart to do that. It was the smoothest teamwork i’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t be happier with the result. That’s the reason why I keep coming back. Eos fuels me with the faith and inspiration I need to give my best.

    Danja Lutz

    Yoga teacher

  • Working with Eos is a gift for every entrepreneur! Eos is a outstanding web designer, she intuitively sees you and your needs and translates this into a visual language, which 100% expresses what you want to convey. She brings together the needs of your clients with your authentic self expression. She accompanies you on your path with endless love, professionalism and dedication. It’s a special and vulnerable process to show up with your offers and be seen. Eos doesn’t only work with you on your beautiful and clear website, she also accompanies you devotedly on your way into being self employed, launch new products or to grow your business in different aspects. Working with Eos is more then only buy a service, it is a co creation, in which you develop yourself, it makes you happy and always bears fruits. I am deeply grateful for our work together and very much appreciate Eos and her work.

    Elisabeth Hahnke

    Coach and trainer

  • Eos sees people. And she has the incredible gift of working out the essence of her clients vision - so other people can see it too. With her work my business flew up to a whole new level. On a daily bases I get emails from people who were inspired only by visiting my website. Not only she guided me safely through the whole process of building my page, we also had the time of our lifes doing it. So much fun… I really gained a soul sister and am grateful beyond words for what Eos and her amazing work have brought to my life.

    Priska Baumann

    SoulFreedom Coach and Creative Visionary

  • The encounter with Eos is for me a blessed coincidence, which has strengthened me, to follow my vision and to give her shape in form of a website. Eos has empowered me through her affectionate accompaniment and encouraged me on my path to my own website, to show me and my personality openly. It is important to me to touch my readers and clients with my work in their heart and innate true change. I couldn’t imagine a better companion as Eos for the creative translation of my message. Thank you Eos. You are a true gift!

    Christina Fedaie

    Trainer & Coach

  • Working with Eos Koch was like hiring a whole team of webdesigner, fotographer, videographer, business coach, life coach, and branding expert. She is an all inclusive website fairy and has a true talent in mirroring her client's unique energy and authentic style. She walks her talk and offers deep, soulful webdesign. Her sense for beauty, harmony, balance and structure enables her to create one-of-a-kind websites for every client she works with. I had the privilege to be guided by her through a very confusing time in which I couldn’t really grasp and understand how I could bring all the pieces of my puzzle together. She helped me to develop structures and systems in which I could express my message clearly, bring all my gifts together in a way that made sense to the viewer and so that my ideal clients could find me and work with me. Her down to earth approach supported me to find the clarity and simplicity I was seeking within the vastness of my creative ideas. I can highly recommend working with Eos, it is amazing how life changing a website which truly reflects who you are and what you have to offer can be. The creation of my website was a deep process which took my business to a whole new level. I am forever grateful for our collaboration. Thank you Eos for everything! Love, Christina

    Christina Szegedi

    Living Artfully - Art, Dance, Yoga- & holistic Body-Mind-Soul Coach