Clarity and confidence
create the foundation for your online business and book soul clients
3 month private 1:1
coaching and mentorship

You are dreaming of a free lifestyle and business for you and your family, but don’t know where to start or what to do to get there. You question if you have what it takes to create your own business that is built on your strengths, values and passion. You have no idea how you can attract a consistent flow of soul clients and earning the money to support you, your family and your desires.

I know where you are and how you feel, because I was there too.

In 2003 I was pregnant with my first daughter (when I was just 19 years old). I felt lost, alone and overwhelmed and didn’t know where and with what to start in building my business in a way that is aligned with my values, gives me freedom to be there for my daughter and that is a container in which I can do what I love and earn the money to sustain my lifestyle.


I knew that I wanted to be there for her, see her grow up and lead by example. So decided to become an entrepreneur and soon afterwards I started taking on my first web design clients and took photos for small business owners. I emerged myself into learning the technical part of creating websites and I always felt less and less joyful, the deeper I emerged myself into creating my business the more I realized that I have created just another job for myself and just had enough money to pay for necessities.

I know what is needed to get you from where you are now towards a freedom based business in which you do what you love and it doesn’t have to take you as I long as I needed.


I can help you get closer towards your dream lifestyle.
On my path of 12 years I learned…


… how confidence, self love and respect for yourself is essential in making money in a joyful way and how to align and balance all aspects of your life and business in a holistic way.


… that knowing who you are and giving your soul space is key for an authentic brand that is in alignment with your unique personality.


… that you don’t find the answers to your questions in the next best online course, but have them already inside of you. You just need to learn how to hear the whispers of your soul and trust your intuition.


… knowing clearly who you serve makes all the difference in doing work that you love.


… that having the support of someone you trust and who believes in you can make all the difference on your path and give you the confidence to tell the beautiful, inspiring and unique story of your life.

Once I stopped looking on the outside for solutions and systems and started to trust in my unique way that is in alignment with my soul, my business started to shift and flourish. I attracted clients who I really love working with. I can be me, do what I love and earn the money we need to follow our desires.


I am led and supported by my core values of authenticity, soulful connection, trust and holistic beauty on every step of my journey.


My daughters are inspired to create their own lives in alignment with their souls calling and make decisions from the inside out. My husband joined me in my business and took over the technical part of the web design work. We create our live in alignment with what is best for us as a family one step at a time. Our business gave us the freedom and money to move from the Swiss mountains to the Island of Ibiza in Spain earlier this year.

I feel nourished by the work I do with my clients.
I have clarity on where I want to go and I feel confident in being led by the wisdom of my soul and I want that for you too. I know now, that creating a strong foundation for your business, makes all the difference to be supported in your work. Let me support you in creating this foundation.

Knowing who you are, is your compass that helps you make decisions that are truly in alignment with your desired future and vision. Your core values are your north star that lead you in every moment. Being confident and believing in yourself is the foundation in making money. Knowing who your ideal client is and serving her on a soul level brings you abundance. Sharing your story and leading with the truth is your attraction point that connects you with those who need what you have to share. Your visual appearance and brand magnetize the right clients towards you and tell stories on energetic levels. Activating your intuition and finding your place as a feminine leader, so you can authentically be you.

Are you ready to…


… take on responsibility for you and your life.
… lead from the inside out.
… make space for the whispers of your soul.
… trust fully in your path.
… emerge yourself and take aligned action.
… committed to create and grow your business.
It is your time
and you are ready for the next step.


I am here for you and want to know more about your visions for your life and business, so we can see and feel if we are a good fit to work together. Book your free discovery session now and we will find a time to set up a Skype session and get to know each other. 

A business is like a tree. Everything starts with a little seed, with your idea and you start putting that little precious thing into the earth, start to water it and weed the other plants around it, it will start to sprout.
There grows one first little root a little deeper into the earth to nourish the little plant, then you see the first little green glimpse under the brown soil. The plant grows and the roots anchor everything into the deep soil.
Together we can create the roots of your business that will hold strong,
when a storm comes by. 

In our coaching together you will discover and shape the foundation of your business. You will gain clarity on your brand and confidence to attract soul clients to work with.


I am here for you, gently holding the space and see you every step on your path.

Our time together we will do some of the following, depending on your goals, needs and where you are…


… clarity on who you are and your vision, while laying the foundation for your personal brand.


… alignment with your core values, to create a day to day life where you do what you love.


… trust and confidence in your work, so you feel safe to take aligned action and clients that love to work with you.


… clarity on who you can best serve, so you can create and package quality offerings that sell with ease.


… marketing and list building that is aligned with who you are, so you can attract soul clients in alignment with your unique story and share what you believe.


… creating the content and structure for your website, so you have a container for your work that helps you grow in a holistic way.


… creating an authentic visual brand that connects, so people trust you and know if they are meant to work with you.


… rituals that help you connect with your intuition, so you feel safe to do life and business in your authentic way.
Our 3 month journey includes the following:


In depth welcome package
9 weekly 60 minute coaching sessions via Skype (to be used in the time span of 3 months)
The recording of your sessions
Accountability to take aligned action
Email support between sessions
Soulful business tools and resources


Plus the following bonus gift:


7 binaural beat chakra music album
Book your discovery call now to find out if this is the right offer for you:

I am here for you to help you get confident and clear to step into your business vision while creating a lifestyle you desire with all your heart. You deserve to be supported on your path and don’t have to do it all on your own.


This is an investment in you and your future. Take a stand for your dreams and show up for yourself. You deserve to be valued and supported.

Imagine if you take action.


Where can you be in three months from now? Who will you become building your business? What life do you really desire? When will you finally step into this vision?


Share your vision with me now in our free discovery call, where we evaluate if working together is aligned with your goals, desires and visions.