3 Tips to ground yourself so you can stay present in your everyday life

As creative entrepreneurs we often have so many ideas and dreams we want to create and birth into reality.

If we lack grounding and stable roots, it sometimes feels like we don’t get done anything, have problem to focus on one single task and get overwhelmed and start procrastinating.

Taking time daily to ground and balance yourself, can make the difference between dreaming to have a business that sustains your lifestyle and really taking the next little baby step on creating that for you. Aligned and consistent action brings in money and makes you grow and expand in your own rhythm.


Here are 3 easy and fast tips

that help me to stay grounded in my daily life.

Balancing my chakras daily to clean my energy bodies is another daily practice that supports me in being intentional with my time and to stay present with what is. If you feel called to balance your chakras, I have a chakra balancing meditation here in my shop.

Let me know in the comments or in my private facebook group if these tips where helpful for you and what you do to ground yourself.

Love and Light